It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition

blue oli

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3 Jul 2015
If money is the sole motivating factor why is he on strike?

It isn’t - the money being talked about is like the difference between you and I buying Seabrooks instead of Walkers to him.

Nothing right now is about money between him and barca for his side, the other side however - yeah that’s all about the money.


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5 Sep 2017
This is a good analysis but one important thing that we need to analyse is what position will the next president hold. If this goes to the courts then it’s likely to take a whole year to be solved and within that time a new president will come in. If Barca have really gone to war with Messi will the next president continue that or aim to find an amicable solution?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Messi’s people aren’t having quiet conversations with the president-elect to sound him out. The favourite has already publicly spoken about Messi joining us and how his time at Barca might be over. That indicates to me he has a much softer approach than Burt in power now.

Don’t rule out a scenario where Barca sue Messi and six months down the line a new president Is elected and withdrawals the lawsuit.

Barca have nothing to gain from suing their best ever player! They’ll want messi to be an ambassador and personality for the clubs for decades to come.
Not quite sure how an ambassador role fits with Messi having a slice of cfg, unless of course Barça become just another club in the CFG


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28 Jun 2007
FC....Football Club

Its just a play on words and not some cryptic clue the forum has to spend days trying to work out.

FC no change as in Messi still wants out and to play for City.
HAHAHA i can not believe since last night some were still working out what FC meant..


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10 Aug 2010
North Polar
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One City
I'm going to put my balls on the stalls and say there will be news today on this. Messi camp been allowed to sleep on it. No change in heart. Goes into negotiation of how to get it done rather than overturn it.

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