It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition


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17 Jun 2019
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Or we win those games anyway?
We don't just start losing to Wolves & fucking Leeds because you and several others are pissing their pants we haven't signed everyone under the sun.

Re wolves; maybe not the best example as we already loose against them. They dicked us both ends last season so we need to improve to start winning against them.

Re incomings; IIRC Messi was reported to be in addition to planned transfers if we'd got him, so I don't expect an extra signing in lieu of him but I do expect another 2 signings and I have great faith in our management to make a good fist of it because they're excellent and I trust them.


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19 Apr 2009
Sounds like our transfer business is concluded.

Messi has decided to stay at Barca and no doubt will pop his dummy back in as soon as they go on a winning spree under Koeman.

ADL wants 300 million euros, the hope diamond and a reach around for KK which is never going to happen, and we don't seem to have any alternatives at all.

Not even a whiff of a link to any LBs or DMs.

Not managed to shift any of our dead wood, and nothing seemingly in the pipeline either.

Frankly a pretty underwhelming summer with pretty much the same glaring holes in our squad as at the start.
That's embarrassing


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27 Jul 2020
I think Sterling might just have done enough to claim a place in our first choice front 3...

There’s no such thing in Peps team, it’s all about present form. If Pep thinks Ferran looks better in training, he’ll start ahead of Sterling. Sterling has improved and he’s a key player of the team but he hasn’t earned a lifetime contract at left wing.

Torres and Sterling would switch constantly and as they are both right footed there would always be one cutting in onto their stronger foot.

I know. I just think Ferran could do a bit better. Sterling hasn’t got the cleanest strike.


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7 Jun 2017
1. Khaldoon said we were interested in more players
2. All the journalists linked to the club have mentioned that we wanted 2 more players as well as Messi. Now the Messi deal is off the table, i would say we are still in the hunt for 3 more players.
3. City keep their cards close to their chest with transfers
4. Man Utd and Liverpool have only signed 1 player each, stop crying about it
5. We have just less than a month in the transfer window to buy players
6. Wait until the transfer window is shut before sulking.
7. Do you think Pep will be happy going into the season with just Ferran Torres and Nathan Ake considering we finished 18 points behind Liverpool and didn't come anywhere close to winning CL. Do you really think Pep will go into the new season completely exposed like this with the same issues as last season?

How about chill the f**k out and wait and see what happens, eh?

1. Khaldoon is correct, we were interested in more players and we have been unable to make deals for them.
2. All the journalists can say whatever they like, we may want players, it does not mean we will sign them, and we haven't had any credible links to anyone other than KK and Messi for a long time.
3. City do not keep their cards close to their chests with transfers. Everyone in the world knows we are after KK and even just looking at Ake and Ferran we were linked before hand. Almost always we sign players after several weeks of protracted negotiations being reported in the press. The idea that we keep our cards close to our chests is a complete myth.
4. Man Utd are irrelevant (seriously this is like saying Crystal Palace have made three signings) and Liverpool don't need to sign anyone. They finished 6 full games ahead of us, their transfer business does not matter.
5. We may have a month, but teams are always more reluctant to sell once the season is underway. Players having to isolate for 14 days on arrival will also likely complicate medicals.
6. Wait until the transfer window is shut before sulking. I am not sulking, merely presenting the facts as they appear to me.
7. Do you really think Pep will go into the new season completely exposed like this with the same issues as last season? Yes, yes I do. Pep has gone into every single season he has been at the club with some kind of chronic issue facing the squad. In his first season it was all the dead wood. In his second it was only having one left back. In his third it was not having backup at LB or at DM and last season it was not replacing Kompany (and still not having a single reputable left back). He has been able to mitigate this through his genius and our rivals frankly not being up to the challenge but he was not able to last season and has never been able to compensate for these squad holes in Europe. Maybe if you'd had an account for longer than 5 minutes you would remember this is what it is like every summer.


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26 Apr 2020
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I've only just got round to watching the interview. Only really read bits here and there so was a bit on the fence whether he'd still leave. After watching that, next chance he gets, he's gone!


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15 Feb 2011
Has to be one of the most boring windows we've had in a while. 2 quick early signings. Decent, but in no way earth shattering or super exciting.

A Messi saga that ended quick and was mostly about internal Barca politics. And a Koulibaly saga that has dragged on for so long that nobody really cares anymore.

5 Hit Gibbon

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8 Jan 2020
Messi will sign in the last half hour of the window. It will be more dramatic than the Robinho signing. He will land in the centre circle of the Etihad in the Barratt Homes helicopter, with Koulibably piloting it, to announce his arrival in Manchester!

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