It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition


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20 Mar 2011
Well Ake and Torres are good bench players but they wont be first choice. They will need time to adapt to our play which will be a bit slower if they dont get regular games.
I dont expect Pep to put Sterling or Mahrez regularly on the bench in favour of Torres.
We had Sane out last season which simply gave much more game time for wide position players.

I do think we need someone quick in CM/DM, great passer with huge energy, speed , someone that can help the defence and can help off the ball.
Gundogan only has "the great passer" of these skills.
While Rodri is a slower/less mobile Fernandinho, if Pep want that in that position thats OK but it needs to be balanced out then in other positions and I can only see that in terms of the pressing intensity improving from AM, wide players and forwards.
Which imo will be hard for us to do with this shitshow of a pre season with zero friendlies, squad hardly being together due to late holidays and international games. For high intensity pressing you need immense physical preparation, highly doubt we had the time to do that. I am a bit worried on that front as if pressing will be like last season, not organized and not good enough our defence will struggle a lot again.

Also a top CB is much needed as Otamendi, Stones, Garcia are not the answer. Ake can help in that regard but I think people are overrating him a lot, he was a leader in a defence that shipping 60-75 goals per season. If United had signed him some here would be laughing...
We will see how solid he is once he put in a defence that plays halfway line and generally gets zero protection from rest of the team, he has speed thats a bonus, absolute bad in the air, lets see. I dont expect him to be a regular.
At this point he pretty much most hope we wont get an expensive top CB, that would give him an easier chance to be regular. But that was certainly not the plan.

We might have wasted two weeks on this Messi circus, which did not make the squad any stronger, time to speed up our transfer negotiating. We fucking had 4 months covid break to properly plan what will be needed to rejuvente this squad, if all is being done will be Ake and Torres that would be a disappointment.


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11 Aug 2015
Haven't watched a lot of Carlos. What do you think are the reasons for him conceding 3 pens in Europa? If he is a fast CB and still conceding pens, I would be worried about his instinct and intelligence.

Gave away a penalty in 3 consecutive games, each more important than the last, the quarter final, semi final and final of the Europa League and is not a young player but is 27 years old.

That’s should be enough to tell us to stay away but at €50m+ we shouldn’t even consider this deal.

If he’s the alternative to Koulibaly then it’s time to pay that extra €5m-€10m.


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16 May 2014
Haven't watched a lot of Carlos. What do you think are the reasons for him conceding 3 pens in Europa? If he is a fast CB and still conceding pens, I would be worried about his instinct and intelligence.

I saw him play a few times at Nantes, where I was really impressed. Big presence at the back, vocal leader, keeps his cool in tricky situations. He's the sort of player you kinda want in those one-on-ones as he reads the game well and will stick his body on the line to block a shot.

He absolutely is the sort to make the odd rash challenge too, but he often gets away with it and times the majority of them very well. I think he only picked up one red during his time in France, but he does rack up the yellows. I've seen a few people say he's like Ota but with pace, and there's definitely something to that. Big threat at set pieces too, as someone else pointed out. And he's got a decent eye for a pass. Whenever I saw him, he wasn't the sort to just pass sideways to his defensive partner, he'd always be looking to move it forward.

I haven't seen him play much for Sevilla, to be honest, but I think a lot of people are judging him perhaps a little too harshly by the Europa League stuff. Yes, three penalties in three games is DREADFUL whichever way you look at it, but it was his first chance of winning a trophy in his entire career and I think he just got carried away with it all and felt like he needed to step up and be the leader, but went a bit over the top. He's a really passionate player who cares about winning and that mentality would probably appeal a lot to Pep, who might be able to just calm Carlos down a bit and make the best of his pace, passing, and defensive acumen.


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1 Aug 2009
"I Swear you'll never see anything like this ever
Players are back this week and so there may be 4 weeks of the window but why can't we plan better and get the players in for pre season instead of 2 weeks into the season?

Maybe because the club we want the players from doesn't want to sell? / wants too much money? People think it's really easy to just sign people and that it should be done at the click of the fingers.

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