It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition


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1 Aug 2013
Yeah I know what Rodri’s style is, and no doubt he is quality, but I’m just not sure he’s the best fit. Honestly, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a defensive minded player, primarily, and who also has the ability to transition the ball. Every top def midfielder, Casemiro, Fabinho, Kanté, can do both. For me, there was too much focus on passing ability and not much else.

We’ll see what happens this season, but looking at how other teams attack us, it’s basically just a highway right through our midfield when Fernandinho is abscent.

I definitely get where you’re coming from and I think most City fans probably feel the same way.

I just also believe yearning for that kind of player is similar to hoping we sign a goalkeeper that can’t ping passes around or a burly center forward to win flick-ons. Not on the cards under this regime in all probability


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2 Jan 2016
Quite a lot of the ones from Spain etc.

We've just brought another one in from Barca if I remember rightly. Poncy little thing who looks no better than what we have already.

We would get more money for academy kids we can't use if we only brought in ones who had something special about them & then we played more of them off the bench, to give them a chance & a higher profile.

First off I don’t think you can call them poncey

second I doubt you no enough about Spanish under 12 13 14 15 16 etc to comment on how good they are Beside if you buy 5 players and make few hundred k on each that’s better than buying just one of them

Also they do not have to play for us to go up in value that happens with natural improvement and besides we can loan them out to get them games does not have to be here a large part of the point of CFG

We have done better than almost an club when it comes to making money on developing players


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1 Sep 2011
Just reading about it now, why did we insert an option to buy on Harrison's deal at Leeds of just 10m? Surely it would make far more sense removing the option and attracting the best offer if he turns out to be a competent PL player?


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5 Sep 2017
I agree, but quite a few of the players we have brought in, would be even further away from it, if they played against 'men'.

It was as if, 'small or small ish, not too quick, not physically strong, no tackling or heading neat & tidy on the ball but limited goal threat' was a prerequisite for half the signings.

I recon if the goal is to sell young players on, then it could have been done a lot better.

I also think that's utterly wrong, if that is the case. Players at City, should be for City, end of.
I don’t think a small team has done us any harm so far.
As for academy players being solely for city, that’s never happening. There are too many in the academy for that to ever happen.The academy is bringing potential players in the hope that some make it to the first team, the rest get educated, schooled and shipped out to start a career elsewhere with a transfer fee.
We may get lucky in time and have all the stars align so we get half a dozen or more academy lads in the first team, but that’s likely wishful thinking for us all. It would be great though

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