It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders


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24 May 2008
You just never disclose in any negotiation how much you have to spend, press as usual getting carried away Pep put them in their place. I just trust our club to do the right thing.


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25 Apr 2015
Aside from the claim from Simon Mullock that we have walked away from Grealish, there's not really anything new, beyond it?

My info remains the same, we will take Douglas Luiz back this summer or try leverage against a Grealish purchase.

We've said on here Alfie is the main driver for Haaland and that we are right at the table for him.

We've said on here that City want to leverage the Sancho clause against a Haaland discount.

We've said on here that Messi is a stand alone deal, we are leaving it up to him and won't push him either way out of respect.

Pep said all he needed to achieve at his presser.

There is a decent Haaland feature today in the Mail on Sunday with Jan Age Fjortoft.

He is close to the family and Alfie. He gives a decent opinion and inside track on who calls the shots and what drives the kid.

It is also suggested the buyout clause may not be legally enforceable next summer (don't know where that is sourced)

Fjortoft is of the personal take Alfie will stay if they Dortmund secure Champions League football.
I would suggest they are now unlikely to finish top 4
If we can give them a bit of a beating this week I would suggest that would make his mind up
Bit of a look what you could do in this team moment


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20 May 2009
Probing the ground?

*visions of someone with an exceptionally large member prospecting the sodden turf at the San Siro...

Nobody does transfer terminology quite like the Italians.

Well, there is one, but he's always busy surfing YouTube for an appropriate music video!

what happens if all our forward targets are £100m plus? Another midfielder and false 9 again next season?


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27 May 2004
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I do wonder if trying to leverage the sancho money as part of getting Haaland might be a mistake.....I thought Dortmund wanted the money straight may feel to them by leveraging the sancho money that they ain't getting that...

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