It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders


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19 Oct 2010
If you really believe that nonsense then loan me a couple of grand.

You won’t get it back but that’s cool because, in your weird noggin, it’s a loan and loans don’t have to have any possibility of a return.
It shifts the purchase to the next financial year for the buying club.
Loan with obligation to buy is a loan as the registration stays with the club that is loaning the player.
It's not hard old boy.

Stoned Rose

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29 Oct 2010
Rusholme with Love
I think we won't be solely focused on running into the penalty area all the time.

The deeper, whipped wide delivery from KDB and Grealish is asking for someone like Kane to dominate with his head and avoid the nauseum of passing across the length of the area.

I'm excited to see that.

Kane will be like a fat bird in KFC at the thought of the service he will get from our team.

Pollocks OG

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3 Sep 2020
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I’m light enough pollocks, it’s you throwing accusations of pedantry at a bloke who tried to help you out . . and I’ve been pleasantly humorous in my response to that because I found it funny.

Even you must admit, if only to yourself, that you getting sweary on the topic then advising me to lighten up is pretty damn hilarious.
Yeah it is good. Ironic ey! :)


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14 Jan 2008
Ake has been giving me Bony vibes in his last few appearances. Doesn’t look to be embracing the challenge of being at a top club and seems to be like ‘whatever’ with regards to the challenges he and the team face. Realise that’s probably quite harsh like.

Bellamy's Caddy

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26 Jan 2009
True enough. It's hard for any centre back to come into this team and play to a high enough level when they aren't playing regularly. Laporte looked shaky at times last season when 3rd choice and Stones and Otamendi have both been far better when played regularly.

The only one I remember who could play at the top of his game when brought in after long breaks has been Kompany. Players like him are rare and let's face it, if Ake was as good as him he'd play a lot more often anyway and it wouldn't even be up for discussion.

Yeah, Kompany was a different breed. It was amazing how he would not only hit the ground running after injuries but actually bring out the best in those around him at the same time. He set the bar very high.

I dont expect Ake to have the same impact, but I'm confident that he'll have some of his detractors eating their words by the end of the season.


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11 Jul 2009
You’re obviously not an accountant because it would be recorded as a sale in the accounts (current and future income accounted for), and you’re not practical because something that is loaned has a return factored into the arrangement and if it isn’t coming back it’s obviously not a loan.
I also presume that the whole notion is a figment of a fevered imagination because if a player leaves our club and goes to another on a permanent basis, as was described, then there would be no point in holding the players registration so the registration wouldn’t be pointlessly held.

Your welcome (sic)

PS. And you’re welcome too :-)
Lol you havnt a clue! Say gabby goes to inter on loan with an obligation to buy and they fold do you think he is their asset to sell? Or that we will get the full agreed amount? It will be a court battle. Its a loan with a legally binding agreement. His contract is with the parent club until the transaction is completed.

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