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26 May 2008
I think we can agree that all the elite players are arrogant, even KDB comes across as being very sure of himself, and why not, when they always deliver on the pitch.

In regards to Ronaldo (and I still believe to this day that your fellow countryman was superior) I am only speak on what I observe.

He has generally made the story all about him.

Whether that be missing a penalty for United in Moscow, going off injured for Portugal in the Euro Final, to hitting the winning penalty against Atletico at the San Siro.

Christ, he even looked put out when Bale took the limelight in the other Champs League final with Atletico and the win over Liverpool.

There is a fine line between desire and playing for yourself.

I consider Benzema one of the great strikers of the past decade but nobody will hold him in such regard because he knew he had to take a back seat with Ronaldo.

I don't think Pep copes well with big personality players, probably doesn't need the aggro?

We should have taken that punt on Dzeko last year when his agent approached us.

Dzeko isn’t even 25% of Ronaldo’s level.

Despite talk of attitude, Ronaldo’s attitude is also miles better on the pitch than Dzeko’s.


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20 May 2011
its apparently 25 million a year so significantly lower than what messi is on. I think we'd make that back in marketing and shirt sales especially with such a low fee. 25 million for a goal scorer who sells shirts doesn't sound like a bad idea. If we dont win the champions league its no biggy we didn't pay a huge transfer fee and he sold a lot of shirts. If we won the champions league he'd be a bargain.
It is a myth that the price of a player can be recouped by a club from shirt sales.


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30 Jun 2019
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No exception. Same reason he fucked off Ibrahimovic, he can't stand that type of ego in his dressing room, irrespective of their talents.

People have questioned why Pep values Kane so highly?

It's every bit as much about his character off the pitch as his goals on it.

Kane doesn't have an ego? how selfless of him to go on air about his club not matching his personal goals and ambitions, while they were still in a cup final and fighting for top four. The same club incidentally that took him to the champions league final and two games away from winning the league when he caked his pants on both occasions.

Ronaldo is a twat. He is however a top player, and a professional. I agree, Pep might not want him. He is far from finished though. Nothing meaningful in the links to merit any real opinion on him possibly coming here.

Doubt what pep wants in Kane is his so claimed nice demeanour, the guy is a cheating git on the pitch, and a dirty one at that, and I've never seen anything that showed leadership myself. He has great numbers and the ability to continue delivering them, and that is why Pep would want him.
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