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14 Jul 2015
I have a hard time believing that the people at the club would allow itself to get played like they did this window and not try to have the last laugh. Something must be in the works
If something is in the works it wouldn’t surprise me if it was Mbappe with Sterling + a large wad going the other way. PSG don’t want to lose him for free next year and we’ve got a similar issue with Sterling’s contract. I know Mbappe wanted Madrid but things change; maybe playing against us last year opened his eyes a bit. I’m sure he could see himself breaking all sorts of records playing under Pep in this team - and in the best league in the world.
Here’s hoping!
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26 Jul 2010
breaking into heaven.....
morning folks, although them numbers for ronaldo are eye watering anyone else still feel abit deflated the way the last 24 hours panned out? From thinking we had a goal machine arriving and it was so left field it was exciting, watching the ex rag players and fans kicking off about it to the quick flip and now we still dont have a striker and we ware getting ridiculed for losing out? A forward was the ONE area we HAD to fill this summer and if we dont it is a fuck up on the boards behalf to not back pep to the max!
Morning blue, not deflated one bit.

The thick giddy rags can't fathom that he's got utd to pay him half a million a week and that he came knocking at our door first.
We was never interested in him, the press spun the story and the rags took the bait.

What it has done has diverted all the pressure off us and landed it directly onto utd, no more top four talk for them, after signing Adams Apple it's win the league or bust for them.

Lovely jublee.

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20 Jun 2010
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As usual, things don't add up from what's being reported. We never made a bid, Levy never spoke to us etc all seem pretty bollocks. The guys on here who we generally believe,make things interesting and post in good faith will be questioning their faith in their sources.
We are left with the lesson we learn every window, that no one outside a few at the club know what's really happening and transfers collapse and aren't completed.
It's a side show to the real job of supporting the 11 that play, twice a week.
All that being said, I'm sure we will all be here next window to do it all over again, knowing that TH music choices will have plumbed greater depths.


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5 Jul 2009
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I’m not sure, I think he will thrive at City, has a real swagger about him. Never liked him until he wore our shirt but I think he will be an absolute star for us.
Undoubtedly, but we need someone who can regularly put the ball in the onion bag 30-40 times per season to capitalise on what Grealish can potentially bring.

Grealish was the big fish at Villa, right now he's in a huge pond full of sharks. It's a different kettle of fish. We need a couple of players who can regularly finish the chances we create, otherwise we'll be stuck on 70% possession, 20 attempts, 3 on target & lucky if we get a goal.

To be honest, if we don't get that goal scorer, there's no better opportunity for Torres, Jesus & Delap to prove themselves. I'd love nothing more than for them to save us £150m.... :-)


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10 Sep 2007
We're not the ones being paid to think.

Seriously, I'm gonna start taking names if this fucking whimpering sickness continues on here.

It's pathetic, certainly not befitting of a club that has plenty of fans still who have faced down more shit than most.

I'm hurt. I'm so angry, I'm livid. Oh, woe is me.

Do me a fucking favour, you self entitled fucktards.

We are the Champions of England, the window ain't shut, and we have people right now still trying to deliver.
Trying to deliver?

Only if they've got a part time job working at Amazon....

Just joking.

I think most people were just disappointed yesterday, there's obviously a bigger picture/plan which we don't get to see and that comforting.

Unlike United who are happy to live in debt to still be relevant, thankfully we as a club aren't.

Enjoy the Match today boys...

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