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8 Aug 2006
let's analyze @93.20blue's history.

Rodri - Said done on july 1 or 2nd - deal was announced on the 3rd - accurate.
Koulibaly (2019) - Said city are not interested.
Cancelo - At first, said won't happen UNLESS city sell danilo first - which was the case.
Cancelo 2 - On august 2nd, said cancelo was having his medical on august 6th. Cancelo was announced august 7th. accurate.
Angelino - Said on july 3rd that he's currently at the etihad signing the contract. he was announced july 3rd. accurate.
Sane (2019) - Said he was staying. He did in fact stay that season, though he was injured in the community shield 3 days before that post. Accurate
Laporte injury (2019) - Said he was out for 4 to 5 months. He ended up being out for 4 months. accurate.
Sancho (2020) - Said he's off to chelsea. inaccurate, but not city related.
Aouar & Almada - Said two players whose names start with A will be joining in the summer, after prodding it was clear he meant Ake and Aouar. one happened, didn't happen. Inaccurate.
Pep & CAS court - Said pep will sign a new contract after we'll win the upcoming cas court. Semi accurate - we won the cas court and pep renewed - but he renewed in november.
Dias & Koulibaly - Said on JUNE 24th (!!!) that city are going to spend big on a CB but he thinks dias is first choice. massively and impressively accurate as no one even mentioned dias at this point.
Ake & torres - Said on july 27th that they will both sign next week - and they both did. accurate.
Koulibaly 2 - Said on july 27th napoli are playing hardball and he expects us to go for someone else. accurate.
Aouar - Said on july 27th he was informed this is done but is being kept quiet. Inaccurate.
Harry kane - Said in summer of 2020 that we're working on a deal for kane. Several journalists in the year since have confirmed we were working on kane but diverted our attention to messi, so I denote this as accurate.
Koulibaly 3 - Said he was informed koulibaly was done, but is being delayed because of messi. inaccurate
Kounde - Says the club moved away from koulibaly and expects the kounde deal to happen, otamendi to be gone. inaccurate with regards to kounde, but didn't say it was done.
Grealish - "Keep your eye on grealish" in september 2020. who knows if we were actually in for him back then! but i will still denote this as accurate :)
Grealish 2 - Says fee agreed at 82m + add ons in july 16th. Perhaps that was the case, we won't know. i'll denote this as somewhat accurate.
Kane - Said kane deal was off on august 23rd. Kane confirms he was staying on august 25th. Accurate.
Ronaldo - Said on friday morning united are hijacking the deal. Extremely and impressively accurate.

That's all I got. To me, this seems very accurate overall, with a few blips that can mostly be attributed to the everchanging nature of football transfers, that can be on and off in the blink of an eye. I see no reason to doubt him for the most part.
Thanks for the effort put into this. :-)


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16 Jun 2009
Just to throw it out there, if we sign Earling the Eddie will get a shit load of assists

The Stockport Iniesta

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21 Aug 2008
Understand how you feel buddy , to me keeping Laporte and Bernado aswell as signing grealish will be an improvement from last year !

mate we didn’t chase Kane all summer ! We put a cheeky 100m bid which was actually 80mill plus bonuses , it was never going to get accepted, the club knew this ! We knew all summer he wasn’t coming and know in January we will have a better deal ! Feel a lot need to lay off social media / sky sports ! 500k for a 36 year old or 160 mill for Kane like they wanted , we are better than that ! We’re getting the best of the best In January and he’s a city fan !
I so want to believe this.
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