It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders


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26 Apr 2012
Hopefully in Jan we will all see why we only signed Grealish, who is a good replacement for D. Silva & meant we were prepared if a suitable offer for B. Silva came in. IF Haaland agrees a move here for the buyout fee mooted, i'd be satisfied. Next summer a DM and LB, we are set for years.
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27 May 2014
Look at the losses last season with Covid look at the 650m loan CFG took out! This all points to our owner takes a back seat leaves the people he pays to run the business! It’s a pity some of the media don’t see any of this as in we are self sufficient club and have been for 5/6 years but it’s we can buy who we want bottomless pit of money..
Good points.
Imagine if your bonus depends on profit and you made a massive loss last year you get nothing.
This year surely save as much as you can in profit column to ensure bonuses.
TH told us many of City staff are not even football supporters never mind City fans.
I know what I would do in their position lol.


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30 Jun 2019
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I was told by a very good source that Pep was not bothered about buying a CF, he likes false 9 and sees Foden as perfect for the role, with back up from Raheem, Jesus and Kev. I got rounded on in typical BM style as being a bullshitter. Pep told my source and I quote " we have seen nothing yet" as he is perfecting the plan and Foden is central to it. Buying a CF like all the media suggested we needed would only have been done and again i quote "if it was an exceptional opportunity". The signing of Grealish adds another false 9 possibility and he was always the main target. Pep rates him very highly and will make him a better player. In 12 months Grealish could possibly be one of the best payers on the planet.

I agree with you, the negativity has been disappointing, some of our fans sound spoiled brats, In my opinion we now have the best squad in our history, we have some really promising kids as you have suggested and Torres could well be one of our best ever buys.

It is a 100% fair comment. Worked out like so, and the agression towards the suggestion back then was uncalled for.

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20 Feb 2008
Waiting for Axelrod to return...
Don’t keep telling me what I am supposed to think. The issue is the club knows these three will have to be addressed soon, and didn’t take care of them this window. And probably won’t do it again next summer
Every time I read this, I have Apollo Creed's voice in my head from Rocky Three, standing in the near darkness of Rocco's locker, losing the first fight with Clubber and burying Mickey :)

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