It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders


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27 Aug 2010
Maybe they would ,maybe they wouldn't. Except that's not tho whole story when we target players. The reason we make so many chances is the style of play of the team and every part of the team has apart to play and if the striker isn't suitable to be part of that no matter what other attributes they have Pep won't want them.
It's the reason I think Pep wanted Kane and probabaly didn't want those otheres named.
Get what your saying.

For me if we play an out and forward we revert to City 19/20 season. With no forward we get 20/21 season where the false 9 presses from the front.

We can all sit here berating the missed chances but without a number 9 pressing and tracking back the chances created would be far fewer.

Just my 2ps worth.

its a Barm

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29 Nov 2012
I put this on here because the Ronaldo one closed, I can't help thinking that he would of demanded the number 7 shirt before joining us and we rightly told him to fuck off.

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