It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders

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9 Jul 2008
Miguel Delaneys Twitter feed.
I was thinking about this earlier, and we could be in for an interesting and unusually active summer next year, with as many as five or six players likely to move on - I could see any of Laporte, Ake, Zinchenko, Fernandinho, Torres, Sterling, Mahrez and maybe Bernardo leaving us.

We need a striker, a defensive midfielder and a left back for sure - maybe another centre back if both Laporte and Ake move on.

We could really do with Pep signing an extension, as convincing the very best to come to us with the manager likely to leave after one year might be difficult!

I think having a big change over in players next summer would be good for us. This group of players have been together for years now and like Peps said in the past, it’s good to make changes as it keeps the hunger within the squad. Laporte, Ake, Zin, Mahrez and Sterling have all got question marks over their futures. Fern is definitely leaving and Bernardo may still want the nice weather. So yeah, I think there’s big changes in the summer. We will see Palmer in the first team a lot more next season and McAtee will probably take his place as a fringe player.
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