It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders


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25 Apr 2015
If I was foden or kdb I’d be putting a transfer request in now
If everyone else is going Spain may as well join them


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19 Oct 2010
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Rodri did succeed in the PL, though. We had won the league by early March. You don't win 21 games in a row (15 in the PL) with many clean sheets in the process despite your DM. That's nonsense. Had the CL final been in February or even in April, Rodri would have started in it. Pep played him more than virtually all other players precisely because he was doing very well. But, arguably, Pep played him more minutes than necessary and he lost form. Even Bernie, who is tireless, lost a bit of form in the last month. It was a huge effort from the lads to go from 12th in November to 14 pts clear by March.

Rodri is the youngest of our midfielders not named Foden. We should replace Ferna and perhaps Gundo, not the players who are on the right side of 30.
You can’t purely make the Rodri debate about Age. Most fans wanted Fern to start the champions league final. What does that indicate? I would suggest it means we the fans can see his flaws having watched him play 50+ games.

The most important game last season and Pep did not trust him to perform. Due to his lack of pace, ability under pressure and his tendency to play back to the defence when we need him moving the ball forward.

Should we just accept that he is another Javi Garcia? and not admit that although he is a good player for the system pep deploys it exposes his weaknesses?

We need an athletic quarter back IMO.

Good player but not what city need to dominate teams who utilise the counter against us.

Think back over the last 5/6 seasons, how many times did you see fern breaking up the counter? The master is going to be nearly impossible to replace.

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20 Feb 2008
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Not keen on Niguez. Definitely not fast, and definitely not a good passer. Honestly I have this down as promotional stuff for ICM clients that's being slid in alongside updates the Grealish deal. Seems the same was true of JWP too. In Niguez's case, his stock has slipped in the last couple of years, and the agent is spinning a tale that sees him being valued equally to Bernado.

So better not call Saul?

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