It's time to buy a new computer.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Taxi, 13 Nov 2017.

  1. Kompany Car

    Kompany Car

    19 Sep 2015
    Thinking of splashing out and buying a Dell XPS laptop, the specs look great for an ultra book but just wondering if anyone has any experience of them. It has NVidia 1050 graphics and when I look at the other laptops of similar spec they seem to have a lot more cooling vents. Just concerned if they have any overheating issues.
  2. Jalfraag


    20 May 2012
    On the sofa
    I've had an xps15 for 18months and had no overheating problems. It's the older model with 960 graphics. Very nice laptop with the best screen I've ever used (4k touch).
  3. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    I dont think you can go far wrong with a Dell mate.
    It's not just a hardware buying portal but a relationship in computer ettiquette for years to come.
    I have owned over a dozen comps in my tennure both built and bought and these characters remain good in what they do.
    Customer support remaining first class.

    However I have been closely following this comapny for a while and have to say at first glance they look a professional outfit.
    The end base warranty is very much OK @5 years and the reviews off trustpilot speak for themselves.
    I have had no dealings with them and would be interested if any forum members have purchased off them for any constructive feedback.
    Prices seem very keen and wondering if a raw build is worth it after pricing up componants seperatly ?

    Have a peep at their website and these links and see what you think ?
    For the record I have no affiliation with this outfit.
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  4. Kompany Car

    Kompany Car

    19 Sep 2015
    Thanks Taxi and Jalfraag for the info will be placing my order in the morning:-)
  5. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    Thanks for all your messages and questions last night and good luck with your purchases and upgrades.If we work together we survive:
    I can't cut and paste them all but happy computing and do remember there would be zero interaction without these wonderful machines.

    Expatingorton said: Thanks taxi for the thread. Could you reccomend a good computer for music.
    Adell is good : /

    I'matrueblueareu wanted to know if he held a hard drive to his ear could he listen to the C:

    Anonomouse Away asked how he would know if his computer was getting old.
    It's all to do with memory problems lad : /

    My last componant has just this second arrived and once again next day delivery.Very well packaged too.
    I think this Christmas all our presents are going to be via ecommerce and online shopping.
    When you watch a xmas film it shows consumers heartily eating brockworst round braziers under heavy laden snow.
    Town criers ringing their bells and all in festive mood and merryment for the upcoming birth.
    But in reality it's a fooking nightmare of queing with folk banging into you and having the skin ripped of your canckles by shopping trolleys.
    Parking and traffic problems and getting pissed wet through.
    Its more condusive to sanity by just sitting down with a nice Baileys over ice and letting the computer take up the strain.
    Put some Slade or Wizard on in the background and what's not to like ?

    Here is the Corsair case with side viewing window.It was for absolute pennies and looks the business.
    It's Bury market day so I will crac on when I get back.


    Seriously considering chillblast as the supplier for our new comp.Or maybe a new Dell.
    Or maybe a full scratch build which for me with average skills can be fraught with difficulty.
    Still got my old fishing box full of screws stand offs and nylons so what could possibly go wrong.
  6. manygoose


    6 Apr 2015
    I paired a ryzen 5 1600x and a 1080, really like the new cpus from AMD.

    for those buying laptops for general use spend very little money at all, it doesn't really make much of a difference. my girlfriend's laptop which is 5 years old slowed down to a stop this summer so I ripped out the crappy hard drive and stuck in an SSD instead, lightning fast now

    my housemate got a 1050ti and I have to say it's very impressive, most new games are mostly stuck at 60fps in relatively high settings. probably the best card for the money atm.
  7. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    You have a flying machine there with that combo mate.
    I guess it's all a balancing act and getting the best bang for bucks.
    Off the head I guess were talking in excess of £500 for a 1080 ti and yet the 1050 ti 4 gig will happily play most at 60fps for the £140 mark.
    The Ryzon looks really good mate and I will check out the benchmarks against an intel i7 when I get back from Bury and appreciate your feedback.

    Off topic and speaking of Bury it would do a lot of you on the Moon the world of good to put down the computers and take in some fresh air.
    A full afternoon in Bury is therapy in motion.
    Have a look at this David Bowie rip on Bury ..Very good I thought.


    Bury version

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  8. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    The heart of any machine is the motherboard and processesor.


    Lots of room inside and very light and airy.Enough to squeeze a mini atx in.


    Why so many wires from the power supply.Overkill:
    Or a more demanding end user.Thank the good lord for black sticky tape.


    I was in theatre last night for the best part of four hours.
    A good surgeon would have accomplished more in the hour but at least I completed the task set before me.
    Well nearly as it's still not firing 100% at the moment.

    As a child I used to sob and blow snot bubbles if I received a mechano lego or an airfix kit.
    Why give a child a present and then expect them to have to build it on Christmas day.It's sic is what it it.
    Whilst all the other children rode on their choppers or pushed their prams I was left with just a pile of shit and rubble on the floor to put back together again.Its like a table and chair set I bought last year and in came in 14 pieces ?

    Some people are born gifted of the hand and can carve shape and mould facinating objects at will.
    While thankfully some of us were born with more intelectual firepower than the rest and best suited for aptitudal work.
    I fitted more into this bracket with the ability to absorb and soak up more than a sponge full of education in one sitting.
    Always excelled in the theory side than the manuel aptitude.We are all different I guess.
    In metal work for my exams I planished filed and and banged a piece of steel in the hope that one day it would hold coats.
    I would fire up the welding gear drop my face mask and just crac on through the lesson.
    My teacher scored me highly commended for dedication to the cause as I never once waivered or left my post.
    I'm drifting so the reason it's not ready yet but still working to max is the ASrock doesnt support usb 3.

    All the other connections are operable save for the front usb case slots.
    Thank the good lord for the internet and I quickly downloaded the manuel for the rock motherboard that had all the sections numbered.
    Motherboard only does usb 2 so Amazon to the resuce and £3.99 later ordered a usb 3 to 2 converter cable.
    This is why it took me so long and I really needed the case usb's to work for accessability.
    And so that's my upgrade out of the way and it breathes new life once more.
    Keeps value remains intact as all the original internals were transplanted into the donor case excluding the power unit which was still working but acting the pan.I have enough parts knocking around to actually cobble up another machine utilising the orphaned gloss case.

    And so if anyone is still reading now comes the task of aquiring our new our all singing dancing machine.
    I am happy to put it together as things have become easier since days of olde.Just a bolt and test jobbie and not even any jumper settings anymore to fret about.If I struggle I can just stick a straw in youtubes ear and suck down hard.
    I am still checking benchmarks and stuff and recosting individual items against a retail buy.
    It's very very important to get the best value we can for our money.
    Not by using cheap inferior parts but by buying good parts for the specification actually required to accomplish the deed.

    Anyway as computers and peripherals will be playing on peoples mind as we approach the festive season I hope some of the issues raised stimulate you to buy well and budget for your needs and not your desires.
    There are some articlate tech folk that post on here that know computers inside out.
    I have a far less limited knowledge base but enought to sniff my way around a ball park.
    Feel free to ask questions and they will answer the call no matter how trivial they may seem to you.
    An old chinese pal of mine once said and I quote
    "He who asks a question is a fool for 5 minutes ..he who does not ask a question is a fool forever"
  9. Bewar3them00n


    24 Jun 2013
    I'm Invisible
    Just got a Mac book Pro from work, ( and I can take it home) loving the stability, not had a crash, which would happen daily with a PC, Airdrop for transferring files from my phone is great.
    Yes they're pricy, but I wasn't paying!
  10. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    I am getting way too far in front of myself.
    I may as well have just inserted a bannana into my pci express slot for what it's worth.
    Slow down luke and at least feel the geforce.

    I have never played modern online gaming in my life and it would appear the done thing is to now download and then sign up.
    No physical disks anymore unless we pay a kings ransom.
    I need to put the geforce 1050ti through it's paces with something demanding of system resource and it's looking like Doom 4 2016 fits the bill nicely.But it's daft money and I need to know how the downloads work and if they are reliable first ?
    And where do I download from and what happens to my purchase in the future if the dowmload company go tits up.

    I enjoyed all that valve and steam used to do back in the day and half life was an incredible trip down memory lane.
    Way way ahead of it's time frame and still selling well through the orange box and such.
    But for me Counterstrike was where it was at and without wishing to horn blow could dance the dance with the very best.

    I have just had a peep at Counterstrike Global Offensive and have to say it looks top draw.I am presuming this is the latest incarnation.
    And it is a reasonable first download forage at only £11.99.
    Is this a full game or an add on and can it played single player not on line or do I need to activate a steam account.Anyone ?

    Whilst I am researching the anti have a look at this newbie playing Counterstrike OS for the very first time.
    Absolute lol and had me in stitches.Can you actually talk now in online games instead of just typing ? Have a look and see what you think : /
    For the record, none of the jokes were scripted. It's all improv.

    Way to go Ainsley way to go dude and I hope when I join my first seal team shortly I do just as well !
    I will never leave my post.

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