Jack Grealish

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14 Jun 2010
I had a read of Villa Talk yesterday, and if there's one thing I established it's that there is no such thing as a Villa ITK. Genuinely. It was quite telling. And this isn't just me saying it, it seems to be an established feeling on their end too.

With the exception of John Percy, not one journalist knows a thing. So all of those talking about him staying can be ignored. As far as civilian ITKs, there's nobody concrete. Of course, every second poster knows a cousin of Grealish, but even then they're getting mixed results. The only poster close to even masquerading as an ITK seems to think he's off though.

Villa are a very tightly run ship.

Stoned Rose

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29 Oct 2010
Rusholme with Love
They have different abilities. Foden's an exceptional finisher for one so young, for example, but Jack's the best dribbler of a football I've seen in the PL for...I can't even think of the answer, tbh:-) Can you?

He can also control the flow of a game. Some posters on here seriously underrate Jack, I think.

Grealish is a very good player but dribbling wise both Foden and Mahrez pull their pants down and poo in his mouth.
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