Javier Tebas


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17 Aug 2014
parallel universe
Jabba the hutt at it again , he states losing Neymar,Fake Ronaldo and Messi has had no effect on La Liga , its took millions off their TV rights deals , they are so far behind the Premier league the little fat **** can't help himself , he needs to shut the f*ck up and get a few plate fulls papas fritas down his neck and finish with "one more waffer thin mint" , the obese turd.
Then concentrate on keeping Real and Barca from going tits up.


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2 Apr 2012
not really here
They haven't made any money at all. They've built an asset which has hypothetical value, but they're still about 1.5 Billion in the red after the money from Silver Lake and CMC.

That nice valuation from Forbes or extrapolating the Silver Lake deal is completely meaningless if there's no one who wants to pay 5x the current record acquisition of a football club. Manchester City has not delivered any money back to its investors to date.

Anyway, that's getting sidetracked - Stop getting so worked up about an irrelevant Spaniard insulting Abu Dhabi's ownership of City.

There's enough to worry about in life. Just ignore him like everyone else.
That irrelevant spaniard and all the other irrelevant people set the tone of how we're seen and the media coverage.

They spread lies and gossip, that ultimately result in us being investigated for FFP and having to go to CAS. Reputational damage, players not wanting to sign contracts, bad press, etc

These people are not so irrelevant as you say. They've set the narrative for our club, we are seen the way we are because of exactly that sort of political mud slinging.


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27 Mar 2011
players not wanting to sign contracts


As for the rest...the club didn't go to CAS because Javier Tebas was mean to us, it happened because the club had amateur computer security and managed to get 10 years of emails hacked. Tebas has done much less to damage our reputation than our own executives' inappropriate emails being aired.


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14 Aug 2007
When La Liga outbids obscene amounts on Mbappe (WR I bet) and Haaland, Tebas will be as quiet as a mouse.


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14 Aug 2011
I found that a relatively balanced article for simple Simon

Loved these two Tebas quotes, the second one pretty much rules out Pogshite going to Spain

"Barcelona are not considering insolvency proceedings," he said.
"Their debt might be slightly larger but they were perfectly solvent pre-Covid. But Covid has come along and taken away a lot of revenue. They are not so capable of repaying the debt, so their salary volume has to go down.

Tebas said he expected transfer spending to remain low in January, but added that the financial limitations being put in place across Spain's top two divisions would make them healthier in the future

It may appear a relatively balanced article but the rag simple simon has already written what he wants the readers to digest before they get to the quotes you have mentioned.

He aimed more criticism at them when he spoke on Tuesday.
Tebas said: "It seems the only club in Premier League that talks about registering Messi is Manchester City, who compete outside the rules. I am not the only one saying this.
"I am not too worried about them. I have criticised what they do so many times. Doing it one more time makes no difference. City is neither affected by Covid or pandemics or anything because they are financed differently and it is impossible to fight against that."

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