Jim Beglin commenting "Emptyhad" on Live TV | City lodge complaint (pg 38)

dickie davies

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25 Sep 2010
From flat earth & I'm a c*nt (says @ LongsightM13)
He needs to be made an example of by getting sacked. This is an opportunity for city and I for one hope they don’t let it slide. In no way should we as a fanbase be attacked for attendance figures.

They have gotten away with calling us cheats for too long. It’s no wonder he had the gaul to use the word emptihad.
I've had a few days thinking about this and have come to the conclusion that, yes, he needs to be sacked and if PLP won't dismiss him, then the club makes it very clear that it does not want him, in any capacity, commentating on any of our games
It is an absolutely huge gaff from Beglin. PLP was broadcasting the game to millions worldwide


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29 Sep 2016
The phrase "give him enough rope and he will hang himself" comes to mind with all this beglin/media stuff.

I have long felt that there is a growing confidence among our detractors that it is ok to slag us off publicly because everyone else is behind you if you do.

This, coupled with our apparent policy of turning the other cheek has empowered them to become more "open" while fearing no retribution.

While a lot on this forum have complained about our clubs lack of fight against what a lot of us see as "clear and organised" attempts to discredit us, we must remember that it was our own board that coined that phrase.

Could it be that we have played the waiting game, ignoring the agenda driven/paid for minnows whose only platform is the likes of twitter, and have now got an incident worth acting upon.

As others have stated, this is a professional pundit working for the pl on an international platform, our club have a right to expect their brands integrity to not be targeted by someone potentially acting on behalf of our enemies.

Maybe, given the tv company/organisation involved, this episode will send out a message far more powerful than us making martyrs out of pathetic freelance shills ever could.

Going forwards it may well stop more slips of the tongue on tv commentary, like that "financial doping" slip by keown and the like, heres hoping.


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3 Jul 2009
These fuckers like beglin are just like most away fans, sad and ill informed. Just about every home game we here from away fans about empty seats, ground to big for us etc, yet 2 mins later they’re singing where we’re we when we were shit? Surely that suggests our support is much better now than it was when we were shit, yet the only praise we got when we were shit was the loyalty of our fans? These cunts really are thick

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