João Cancelo - 2019/20 Performances

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  1. Tugay One Cup

    Tugay One Cup

    5 Aug 2015
    Ai Weiwei to the dangerzone
    Nothing is guaranteed in football.

    At the moment my guess is that he's just not playing because him and his missus have had a kid and they're both probably knackered due to all the sleepless nights and everything else that comes with it.

    But I reckon he'll be off in the summer. Strikes me as a Nolito type who isn't exactly suited to life in Manchester and I also think he's got enough belief in his own ability to want to be playing every week.

    I could be totally wrong but, if true, it makes me wonder why he came in the first place. Then again, Juve needed to balance the books and Bernardo probably put in a good word.
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  2. Delphinho


    18 Nov 2017
    Forgot that. That could explain a lot
  3. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    What a bizarre attempt at analysis.

    He's a young player who was moving up the ranks of world football quickly.

    Maybe he is struggling to settle in here, which happens sometimes, but to proclaim hes a wrongun for working his way up the footballing ladder is ridiculous.

    De Bruyne was at 5 clubs in 3 years at the same age, I suppose theres something "not right" about him too.
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  4. waspish


    25 Jan 2009
    Blue Moon
    Seems we give players time off when they have just had a child
  5. mancityscot


    20 Feb 2009
    i think it was a bit of a mistake to go for him. Nice player but i just dont think he's suited to the physicality of the prem. If i was to hedge bets, i think he'll be off in the summer, either permanently or on loan
  6. charlie9872


    18 Jun 2012
    The idea of having two top class players for each position is great, but in practice doesn't work.

    It was exactly the same with Danilo, we saw it on the wings with Sane (following Mahrez's purchase), we're seeing it now with Cancelo and we'll no doubt see it with one of our 3 LB's in the summer.

    The club needs to learn from it's mistakes over buying for the sake of it. Pep may think it works, but it just causes squad unrest in my opinion and causes him unnecessary selection headaches. You're never going to get your £50m playing like one until they get a consistent run of games in the team, rather than fleeting appearances.

    Given the amount Walker's played over the last few seasons and his role in the team, it was clear that Cancelo wasn't going to uproot him, even if he was a revelation. Frimpong's lighting it up with Celtic, why wasn't he given a chance to be Walker's number 2 if all that we require is someone to fill in for 20 odd games a season at this stage? It was exactly the same case with Maffeo - why wasn't he brought back to be Walker's number 2 after a great spell with Girona in La Liga? Instead, we had to sign a £25m backup who hardly played and ended up leaving due to lack of game time. Danilo's signing was at the cost of an additional left back as well and we all know how that turned out with Mendy's situation.

    Club needs a serious rethink of it's recruitment strategy. Pep and the board seem to get so precious over the criticism of the amount we spend, citing that we're not breaking world record fees like other clubs, but the simple fact is, other clubs don't go out and spend £50m on backup players - they either buy players who are happy to sit on the bench and play when needed, or develop them from their own academy, which we are more than capable of, but don't facilitate.
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  7. Psychedelic Casual

    Psychedelic Casual

    1 Sep 2016
    There was a clip on Inside City earlier in the season where Bernardo was taking the piss out of him (not in a snide way or owt) and he didn’t find it funny and saw his arse which lead Bernardo to start pissing himself at him.

    Doesn’t seem settled or part of this squad and doesn’t seem to have a sense of humour from that video haha.

    He’s also been very poor in a few games and I think it might be best if he’s moved on.

    I also have no idea why we couldn’t have promoted Frimpong to the squad.
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  8. MeatHunterrr


    24 Apr 2014
    And we sold Frimpong for paltry £300k as well.... clubs still know how to take advantage of us at times. Both buying and selling
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  9. Trojan1962


    1 Dec 2018
    Hasn’t had a run of games once/if that happens we can judge him then
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  10. Take it out of Txixi's wages.
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