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21 Nov 2019
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Do we need him I'd skeptical about Felix he's more a creator link up type than scorer more in the Jovetic mould of forward but a far higher ceiling talent wise, at the same time though I'm not sure if he's a flash in the pan it can happen, wouldn't be surprised if he did a Javier Saviola (more a goalscorer who faded and never fulfilled potential) he shined brightly between 18-23 then he slowly started to disappeared... He doesn't seem to have an identity Felix or seem to handle the pressure of his fee well, far from his own fault obviously but he needs time to grow we need players mentally ready for right now even if the kid is super talented, in my view though Atletico shouldn't have paid no more than £40-50m even then that'd have been mostly based on the hype... He's not exactly done an Mbappe or Haaland setting the world alight, or in my view even reached Foden Bellingham Mount or Havertz type levels of reliability.

I honestly don't see any reason for us to go for him with a plethora of creative wide and central attacking players we have, he offers nowt in the 6 yard box just adds to what we have without actually improving it and offers nothing behind the attacking third, he's super talented and has every chance of going to very the top of the game but he needs work and for the money they'd talk about and wages he's on it's surely still a gamble, I'd soon rather see McAtee and Palmer developed at the club whether they're as talented or not and McAtee looks great for the future, McAtee scored a hattrick and created one against the Rags reserves today scored another hattrick against Blackburn reserves too he gets into the pockets of space and isn't usually a goalscorer could end up being what we'd want from Felix or in a much deeper role.
So I don't see how Felix is justified when we've got talents like McAtee coming through if we go for him I think it could work long-term but is that enough? For me it looks kinda stupid right now cos as far as I'm concerned we need players for right now not in two years... I'd rather go for Bellingham as a future player whohas at least proven his competitive streak and determination, he could act as a Fernandinho heir alongside Rodri his or to add energy box to box with his tenacity, he's less of a gamble than Felix in my view and I'd take him and Haaland in a heartbeat and over Felix any day over him.

Nowt against the kid he's obviously talented enough to reach an elite level but I think it'd be the a case of the wrong time, when he improves should he reach that level I don't actually think his value will be all that different to now, I'd defo rather us develop the players we've in similar positions.


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3 Jul 2009
Much as I love Bernie, and would be happy to see him here until he retires, it seems unlikely he'd be crying over leaving when it's his choice by all accounts
It might be his choice but he has clearly loved his time in Manchester, the only time I’ve seen him not smiling was in the guard of honour for the red robbers. Hope he stays, understatement

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