Jobs you wish you never started..


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28 May 2008
Denis, I'm more of a slap it on, sit in the garden and open a beer, type..

It looks like it's the same, same picture of the same coloured fence panel on the front of the tub, same colour name..

Batch numbers you say ?

It'll be OK, won't it..?

You’re a barrel of laughs aren’t you?

Bill the Blue

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28 Jul 2013
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The only football team to come from Manchester!
You’re a barrel of laughs aren’t you?
You may have misread my post there Denis..

The 'ffs' was directed at me, not you as I seem to have overlooked the batch number matching of the colour option..

Anyway it's pissing down now and will be until next week according to the weather forecast, so the job's off..!


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21 Nov 2009
Toronto via Failsworth
I'm off this week so decided to paint my fence panels in the back garden..

It's a new fence, less than 12 months old, so I thought I'd use a brush to apply the wood stain as opposed to a spray which tends to go everywhere except on the fence..

I bought 2 large tubs of decent stain, said each tub covers approximately 18 fence panels.

Thought I'd be able to eek it out as I've got 39 panels to stain..

I started yesterday and did 12 panels before tub one was empty..

Took me over 6 hours in sunshine, wind and snow showers..

Back out first thing today, done 11 panels and have now run out of stain..

I've still got 16 panels to do and the shop has run out of the colour stain I've been using..

My back and knees are killing me and I've got a just over half painted back fence..

You need one of these mate. Chuck it out when you're done.


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23 May 2004
Still alive here....
That's the one..

I bought it from B&M, went back, none on the shelf.

Walked the full length of the store to find a staff member, asked her if they had any in the storeroom, even showed her a picture of the said tub..

I said, "there's none on the shelf".

"I know where that is, follow me, she replied"

We walked the full length of the store to the empty shelf, she looked at me and said.. "we haven't got any"!

I did count to 10 before telling her thanks for checking for me..

Anyway found it in B&Q, bought 2 more tubs, just need to get myself motivated for the final push tomorrow..
couple of joints and some tunes and the time will fly by.

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