Joey Barton

He's just got a self destruct button. He's one of those strange people that if everything is going well he'll do something to ruin it. No rhyme or reason he'll just do it. There are quite a few in life like that. A decent psychiatrist probably knows why they do it.
It’s about control. Folk who have trouble with happiness tend to prefer to cause the downfall then there’s an element of control attached. If something unexpected comes along these folk end up in serious trouble. It’s a fascinating perspective but understandable with some folk I’ve looked after.
what a fuckin tool this bloke is..he's now gone after the girl who does the social media at city

What a petty twat. On his other point about female co-commentators I have heard more sense and insightful comment from Izzy Christiansen in a couple of matches than ratboy and spitty over decades.

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