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26 Jan 2010
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Thought I'd pop round to my nans last night see if she needed any help with halloween ..... needn't have bothered she's done a fabulous job ... front windows all grimy and cobwebbed, newspapers sticking out of the letterbox.... house in complete darkness apart from the telly flickering in the front room. She's even got a skeleton sat in her favourite chair dressed in her pinny and things

Really spooky ..... obviously doesn't need my help. I'll pop around again next year.

Bill the Blue

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28 Jul 2013
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Called into a fancy dress shop and asked the assistant if he had a Dracula outfit..

He went in the back and reappeared with a dipper shirt complete with shorts, socks and plastic PL medal..

I said "you must have misheard me, I said I wanted to look like a Count"..!

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