Jordan Henderson wins FWA Footballer of the Year


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5 Jul 2008
The happy world of Haribo
2018 - City win the PL title with 100 points and POTY goes to a Liverpool player. Check.
2019 - City win the PL title with 98 points and POTY goes to a Liverpool player. Check.
2020 - Liverpool win the PL title and POTY goes to a Liverpool player. Check.

All the boxes ticked. Those social influencers the dippers employ must be doing something right then.


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26 Aug 2007
You're forgetting Zaba in 2012/13. He was outstanding that season. For a month or two leading up to the vote, everyone was talking about him as PotY.
Gareth Bale eventually won it.

As has been said earlier, the media set the narrative, usually around November/early December every year.
The push for Henderson has been stomach churning. Seriously bang average.
Agree. Not even the best footballer in his household. His Mrs. or one of his kids will be better


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5 Jun 2009
I kind of hope Henderson wins it to be honest just to show how pathetic it is. You ask anybody that isn’t a Liverpool or city fan who’s been the better player this season and 99% would say KDB without any need to think about it. it’s not even remotely close, the best player in the league or a less psychotic Joey Barton upgrade

Blue Theatre

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14 Feb 2011
I've heard 2 discussions about this on the radio.

In the first, the expert said that when a team has dominated the season the way Liverpool have, you simply can't look beyond a player from that club.
(Which is news to us City fans).

In the second, someone said that of course KDB was the best footballer in England, but POTY "isn't just about that" so he'd give it to Henderson, as he "does things that most people don't see".
(Didn't give any examples).

You despair.

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