Jude Bellingham


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20 Dec 2010
Fernandinho wasn't ever a defensive midfielder till after the age of 25... He was exclusively a high energy attacking midfielder close in style to what Bellingham is now I'd say, players at Bellingham's age can be whatever you want to turn them into and 40 years ago he'd be sweeper for Dortmund in the Sammer mould, the national team stupidly plays with 2 defensive midfielders he should already be one of them behind Foden and whoever else they wanna play.

If Bernardo goes in the long-term which I'd rather he didn't then Jude Bellingham could defo take his role as the one who we look to, if a players needs a rest is injured a good spare till he improves which he will... He has great attacking qualities but so do some of the best defensive midfielders ever, if nurtured a certain way I genuinely think he could make a great all round midfielder wherever you play him... His energy means he'd be able to cover the ground Fernandinho does he's already got great defensive instincts for his age, his quality also means he could be used in attacking positions when needed

I don't like to dismiss players but in my view Dahoud hasn't convinced me he's better than mid table quality, maybe I'm wrong but I've not seen owt to suggest he'd be a starter now or in the future for any ambitions English club whereas with Gundogan it was obvious years ago.
That couldn't have been 40 years ago. I'm not that old. I'm not that old. I'm not that old :(


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25 Jan 2009
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Think Declan Rice is the one he does that sweep up well has a pass to. Yeah wouldn’t be disappointed if we got this lad but love to see him how he would perform in premier week in week out at the moment we know Rice can do it!

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