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6 Jul 2008
From reading various threads I thought I'd like to convey my opinion regarding the current situation, feel free to let me know what you think.

Now starting with the precarious position we are currently in... its not that bad! Yes we are in the bottom three but looking at the table two wins puts us in mid table safety and three back to back wins would have us chasing Hull (currently in 6th). Next current form. Now by no means I am suggesting we have been performing of late, in fact we have generally been underwelming but times have been much worse. I for one feel that football wise we have taken a backward step since Sven but thats just opinion, and its in the past, as is the dismal days of pearce and the exciting times of keegan (I could go on but you get my point). The fact is Hughes is gaffer and the team needs our support. Now looking critically at us this season here is my observations. Defensively we seem to have weakened (no shit sherlock u say!). But I see it this way. Starting 11 on average this season would be Hart, Zab, Dunne, Micah, n Garrido/Ball. Then midfield would be Vinnie holding with the rest (left to right) being Robinho, Ireland, SWP and Vass, upfront Jo/Benji. Now here comes my analysis. Robinho is our most left sided midfielder who naturally cuts in, floats around and creates/dictates play, however defensively this leaves the left back exposed. This is mirrored on the right hand side with Vass being a striker not a winger/right mid so his positional sense and defensive abilities can be found wanting (I am not saying he doesnt graft/work hard/give 100%, i am saying he isnt defensive minded). This leaves both full backs exposed meaning defensively we are weaker. Also the midfield four minus Vinnie are very attacking and so this means we are vulnerable to the counter attack as our midfield bombs on leaving gaps in behind. Therefore my point is our increasing attacking mindedness has resulted in us being overly exposed at the back resulting in weaker defensive performances.

Additionally, a little off track, defensively dunne is much better playing on the right of the two centre halfs, since this has changed we have looked less assured. This was highlighted under sven who tried this and then swapped it back when things werent working. He has no left foot and isnt comfortable when playing on the left. My overall point is there has been lots of criticism of the centre half pairing but i believe overall the team have failed to protect them properly resulting in poorer performances, add to this some individuals errors due to crumbling confidence and this is why they have struggled. Also we have suffered injuries suspensions etc which have weakened us defensively.

Next point is hughes' signings. I feel they have all been well thought through and justified. Kompany, Zab, Robinho and SWP go without saying but here as my justification of the others. TBH to start. We had/have a strong experienced centre back pairing who we wouldnt split but needed cover. Do you go abroad buy and unknown quantity, go lower leagues and poss not have them make the step up or do what hughes did, buy a experienced prem centre half, european and international experience, good age, speaks english, play at full back as well and didnt need to settle into the area because he has lived here before. I support hughes on that decision even though TBH's performances could be better. Then Berti. We had spent 50 million on brazilian players in the summer, I feel it made sense to have another to help them settle along with Elano because the quicker they settle the better they perform (probably). Also we only have two left footed defenders, both full backs, and needed cover. Berti is left footed can play centre half full back, played for brazil so he must be half decent AND he was a free transfer signed on a 12 month deal. All taken into consideration its a no brainer for me. Now take Jo, hughes' signing or not he is here and he is playing. I for one like him. He plays upfront on his own which is difficult, wins alot in the air, holds the ball up and links play when service is good (which it hasnt been to any of our forwards all season). He plays with his back to goal which our system dictates so he isnt likely to score many so for me I have been happy with his contribution and he for me is much better than the rest of our forwards. Hughes hasnt helped him by playing him on his own n his confidence must be it tatters being in and out f the team.

On the basis of these signings made I would be confident giving hughes money to spend in jan and i am sure he knows, like we do, whats is needed e.g left back, left midfield (a fit petrov would be ideal!), centre midfield and a proven goal scorer or two. Add this to playing SWP on the wing running at full backs and we will be on the way.

To summarise we have struggled with injuries, bad luck, starnge managerial choices and a high profile takeover all of which have contributed to us being where we are. But with positive thinking and the correct signings, in addition to our belief faith and support we will begin to see positive progress. Which is what we are all after!

Rant completed, over to you!!
Jacko, I'm afraid I haven't read your post but just thought I'd skip to the.....how the f**k are you doing? we were talking about you in Spain! About the women you got off with in the Faroes and the videos you took!!! ha ha!!!!
Im good thanks mate! Glad to know im still in the memory, cant do european away at present because all ties are played in term time n im a teacher if u remember. My old man saw de niro in spain though n had a chat. As the faroes dont think i'll ever have a better week than that! Both women and luck related! As for the vids they are stored away safely for when im an old man like Bill n need reminding I was alright when i was young!! How are u anyway mate? Any hospital time in denmark or spain?!
I have to say I pretty much agree with everything you have said in terms of the players, the protection of the fullbacks, the left back mostly has been very poor, great post. I would also question the TBH signing(but seeing as it hasn't worked out thats easy to say)and I'm far from happy with the manager.

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