Justin Ferizaj


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26 Sep 2015
Good to know, really hope he does well. If you're getting a decent wage and international call-ups then there's no real need to move away from home, even if he is too good for the league (not saying he is - idk).

How good can this Justin Ferizaj guy be do you think?
He has only had a couple of cameo appearances and started a cup game last week, looks very good, its early days but he does look special. The club were delighted when he signed a new contract as when he does move on they will get a good fee.


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22 May 2004
There is a god Barry's gone!!!
At 17 and being around man football in any league is a good thing. IF he get a few more games with Rovers it will help with his developement. They are garanteed some European football so naturally he will get more game time maybe not in Europe but in league of ireland. There will be a lot more players moving from League of Ireland into the leagues in England at 19 to 21 and be ready made now to go into those teams squads and compete for places.

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