Kalidou Koulibaly


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7 Nov 2010
Tixiki has had all summer to get a top centre back, we are still no nearer, does Pep ever tell him to get a fucking move on we need a player now
If anything I think this is Pep. Seems he has told Txiki I want Koulibaly and no one else. Pep won't just sign for the sake of signing so don't be surprised if we finish up as we are.

Neville Kneville

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26 May 2008
Paying homage to Kevin Prince Boateng's agent
we lost most of those 9 league loses by the odd goal ie 2-1.

It was only dippers 3-1, spuds 2-0 and wolves 2-0 at home that this wasn't the case.

2-1 means we score 1 more for a draw, 2 for a win, hence 3 goals to win any of those games, Dippers 4.

Look at who our attacking players are & their record as individuals.

Also imagine the top 6 are given free pick of any City players they want.

After they had picked, Aguero, Sterling, KDB, Bernardo, Foden, they might fancy Kyle Walker & Laporte before Jesus, but doubt it.

The other defenders would be the last people chosen or they'd just say no thanks.

Fern, Gundogan & Rodri would be picked before them.


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4 Jun 2009
While I understand that there are real difficulties in dealing with Napoli the Koulibaly situation is a mess from our point of view. We don’t seem, as other years, to have a real second choice. So all our eggs are the Koulibaly basket which means dealing with ADL.

I can understand why the club walked away from any deal with Leicester for Maguire last summer, no doubt Kompany’s departure left us reeling. The view was obviously taken that with Laporte, Stones, Otamendi, Fernandinho and Garcia we had enough to cope. Of course it didn’t pan out that way we lost Laporte and Stones for long spells and it took some time for Pep to trust Garcia. This summer is different we can’t afford to hope for the best.

We’ve added Ake so our options should technically be better but on the flip side Otamendi is likely off, Garcia wants out, Fernandinho is another year older and doesn’t look a natural centre half and of course an injury plagued Stones. So in effect we have 2 left sided defenders ready, an aging midfielder, Stones and want away Garcia and Otamendi.

That’s not good enough for where we want to be. So we simply have to add a right sided centre back. We simply can’t keep hoping that we’ll cope. We tried that at left back for the last 3 seasons and it caught up with us. We can’t do it for left back, centre back and arguably centre forward.


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24 Jul 2020
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Man city
Ake was worth 70 to 80 million last season, we got him for 40 million due to Bournemouth being relegated. Ake made zero mistakes that led to a goal last season for bournemouth, he wasnt at fault for any of the goals Bournemouth conceded. Bournemouth fans rant and rave about how good he is they rated him at top 3 cb in the league behind Van Dijk and Laporte. Hes also a leader at back im looking forward to see how he is here if all this is true then hes going to be a massive upgrade on our defence


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21 Aug 2014
Unless Liverpool go to shit.

We could have one of those 'poor' seasons where everyone is below par, like Ferguson used to Hoover up.
I agree, I think the title is wide open for the top 6.

There is going to be a lot of strange results, injuries, illness and fatigue.

Makes our recruitment so important, here's hoping!

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