Kalvin Phillips


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3 Jan 2009
Rice, Phillip's and Grealish instead of say, Rhodri,Gundogan and Sterling hmmm. Get it done.

It might just help England - imagine if most of the team actually learnt how to play together.

You have Stones arguing with Pickford about kicking it long, Sterling and Foden with no-one near them to play short passes to, Phillips pressing like crazy on his own, Rashford wondering when the rest of the team will retreat to the 18 yard box, so he can have some room to run into, Kane looking like an old man without Son to do his running for him, Grealish still thinking he has to do everything himself...

David Silva

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24 Jun 2010
Some of our fans do not realise how good our players are, we are spoilt.

Absolutely. If anything for me watching England last night really showed how spoilt I’ve become! I was tearing my hair out seeing the two aforementioned players incapable of playing the ball forwards in midfield while building up. Southgate has questions to answer no doubt, but every one of City’s midfielders are on a different planet.


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22 May 2004
City park
I know squads need refreshing every year but if we have to go into next season with the same squad I wont grumble. Watching English players who are linked to us makes my piss boil. Non are an upgrade.
I think Pep would improve Grealish and would turn out be a sensational signing. I haven't seen enough of Phillips to pass judgement.

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