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5 Aug 2015
Ai Weiwei to the dangerzone
Er, So Sanchez , Maguire and Fred didn't turn up at the Rags. Their transfer policy is outbid City.

It's more the fact that we get linked with any player and the immediate reaction of a few posters who have no idea what they're talking about is to say some stupid shit like "this has got rags written all over it."

It just doesn't mean anything and it's so fucking monotonous.


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15 Apr 2013
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Manchester City
Would rather we signed rice. Much better player for me
I really do not see why people think Rice is any good. I have only watched him for England rather than his club but he seems slow and worse hides when he should be offering passing options. It is noticeable that Stones and Walker seem to find progressing the ball harder for England rather than City.

Rice would be a significant downgrade on Rodri imo.


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17 Apr 2011
Er, So Sanchez , Maguire and Fred didn't turn up at the Rags. Their transfer policy is outbid City.
its the media we're on about. as soon as any player is linked to us, the dick heads say we cant have them as ushited are a bigger club with better prospects. Whether they end up there is irrelevant. ( although if they do its only cos of what they will pay them. further into debt trying to compete with Manchester's only club. )


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1 Aug 2011
Hilarious. Every supposed target of ours that leaks gets the same kind of reactions. Not good enough, rags bound, we won’t be able to get him, prefer X etc etc etc. A great bingo game
So pretty much normal reactions then?
Some rate a player and some don’t. That’s not a great bingo game it’s posters giving an opinion on a player that has been linked with us.
The utd thing I’d guess is mostly tongue in cheek.
Struggling to see the hilarity tbh.

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