Keir Starmer

Clegg started it along with the pig fucker. Both looked good on Tele and exposed Brown as a boring bastard. Which is great for TV but not the country as has been proven.

Give me a parliament full of constitutional nerds on all sides who know what they fuck they are doing.
Bit unfair ignoring the original looks great on tele fella who Brown lost out to first time round. I mean look at him ;-)

He handed the NHS question well.

Think he persuaded the bloke asking at the end.

Who's the Tory plant from London. I thought sky said the audience were all locals?

Recent years have changed things (though there can be plants) lots of Southerners in the 7 new housing estates built in this town. Accents are everywhere. Lots of retiree's who had a terraced or ex-council house worth £500k+ so could sell up by a brand new 3 bed on the edge of a National park for £250 - £300k and have loads in the bank so here they are. With the younger ones its a similar story of equity in and existing home or stupid daft rents but more importantly a safer environment for kids plus importantly accessibility of school places - an awful lot of them work at the HMRC Campus in Darlington.

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