Kids/adults running into the pitch after the final whistle


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5 Jun 2009
I wanted to make this thread a during the international break when it happened with Ronaldo and the kid or more specifically their parent rightly got fined 3 grand for it, but I accidentally deleted a lengthy rant and couldn't be arsed.

It really pisses me off, it's against the law for a reason, parents are encouraging their kids to do it because there's zero repercussions. The players are making it worse when they urge the stewards not to do their job and leave the offenders alone and then proceed to reward the little shits which only encourages more of this behaviour.

Then you've got TV companies zooming in and giving them attention, however when it's an adult pitch invader mid game they'll pan away from them, don't make them 15 minute celebs for breaking rules, it sets such a poor example.

Players need to stop rewarding these shits, ignore them and go hand their shirt to a kid patiently staying in their own seat following rules, stewards need to rugby tackle the little fuckers before they get near a player, I want to see a 18 stone steward take down a 5 stone kid and flatten them. CIty need to start issuing both bans and hefty fines for breaching the rules to stamp it out. Kill this plague before it consumes all and is happening every single match.

Don't be a **** and encourage your kid or allow your kid to do this.


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21 Nov 2009
Toronto via Failsworth
T.V cameras didn't show it here.
I did see what looked like somebody getting chased after on the pitch but the cameras turned away.


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22 Nov 2009

we,ll get a fine for it now.

shows our security is bad.

adults are banned for pitch invasion, perhaps the parents of the child should take the punishment
looked the steward who the kid avoided to run on was getting a massive bollocking of his boss on the pitch


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19 Jul 2020
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Manchester City
How much are these football shirts worth?? Do they actually keep them or are they straight on eBay?? Should be a total ban on this utter nonsense - for charity only to raise funds - and anyone running on the pitch for one should be given an Everton match day ticket.

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