Kids/adults running onto the pitch after the final whistle


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6 Jul 2009
East Stand level 1
Let the kids and the adult fanboy weirdos on at the end. But make it like the ‘Red Light Green Light’ scene from Squid Game.

‘Home Shirt, Away Shirt’

Line them all up to race for the centre circle, but a giant rotating Stan Gibson doll guns them down if they’re detected moving on the pitch.

Last one standing gets Jack Grealish’s shirt to sniff



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17 Aug 2015
A girl did this after Ireland vs Portugal game and got Ronaldos shirt. It made the news and she appeared on various radio station shows after it. I said at the time this will kick off a trend with idiot parents lining their kids up at the end of every game and telling them to run on.


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5 Jan 2020
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Manchester City
Tigers would be better

Ok, what about a combo of just a few pirahnas to nibble a bit, then just one crocodile to maybe remove a limb and then let the tigers finish them off...

Think of the intruder as Canniggia and the three lines of defence as Cameroon (25 seconds onwards)


Gingers Dad

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8 Mar 2011
Some right sad bastards on here, what’s up with it?
Of course there are, it's Bluemoon! Look what all the threads are about - shit atmosphere, shit prices, the fooking family stand, the shit metrolink, the shit transport links, people smoking in the bogs, people getting drunk at football matches etc. Even the post match thread after a 6-3 win is full of moaning about a shit 10 minute spell when we're top of the league and six points clear

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