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Discussion in 'General football forum' started by John Oliver, 8 Jul 2018.

  1. M18CTID


    15 Jul 2008
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    Totally agree, and it's a very good point that he'd still be playing second fiddle to Walker if he (Walker) hadn't left Spurs.
  2. Dubai Blue

    Dubai Blue

    23 Jul 2007
    I agree with things often happening by chance, but it's worth noting that he was sensational for Burnley the season they got promoted (if I remember right, he had the most assists in the Championship that season).

    So even if Burnley hadn't made it to the Premier League, I'm pretty certain he would have.

    That said, there's no way anyone could have predicted his rise through the ranks back when he was still with us, and it was undoubtedly the right move for all concerned.
  3. JPBB


    22 Sep 2016
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    Every club has let players go who have then gone on to do well elsewhere. So what?

    No one could have reasonably forecasted that he would develop into the player he is or that we would have such a good World Cup or even play (unless you were Garth Southgate).
  4. John Oliver

    John Oliver

    3 Feb 2018
    I am in no way criticising City for selling KT.

    As far as I can tell we sold him to Burnley and am curious as to why the fee was undisclosed, as Wiki describes it. Has anybody got a feel for this?
  5. Jalfraag


    20 May 2012
    Why do you care? Should we have sent him out on loan for six years?
  6. peace frog

    peace frog

    9 Jan 2009
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    his fee was undisclosed ,what do you want a feel of ?
  7. Psychedelic Casual

    Psychedelic Casual

    1 Sep 2016
    I think i've just 'got' the OP. This thread isn't about Trippier or City I think it's asking about what an undisclosed fee is.

    Sometimes @John Oliver (or often as the case is in the Prem these days), fees are named "undisclosed" because changes or non-finalised bonuses will not have been factored into the contract even though it's signed, changes in percentage of fees to former clubs may not have been finalised going off number of performances or successful seasons, even changes in VAT can occur. So a transfer fee can change after a contract has been signed and reported to the press so they just call it "undisclosed" because they don't really know how much it is.
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  8. blueincy


    23 Feb 2014
    Which has been pointed out in this thread he had a great loan spell at the time with Burnley showing his worth but then is put up for sale along with Mee, pretty much a kick in the teeth don't you think? Well I did at the time. I think that was what he was alluding to when he said proving City wrong. Did the same with guidetti as i recall after MP told him on his first day at the club he wanted him at Malaga let him go on a free in end...

    So it's pointless having an all singing and dancing academy if once a player proves his good enough he's then sold don't you think?
    Sending out the wrong message to prospective good upcoming players that's all i will say...

    Haven't kept up with the youth much since they brought in the rag Simon Davies...
    But reading news outlets the same policy is in place if zinchenko rumours are correct...

    How's Brian's charts nowadays?

    Pep will sort it out I'm sure...
  9. KnaresboroughBlue


    19 Aug 2006
    Not much choice really. He was behind Zabaleta and Richards at the time and went to the championship. He did well and got transferred to Spurs but again was back up there until Walker came to us. We can't just keep all the youngsters and have 3 players per position in case they become good enough 6 years later. I doubt he would have become good enough without being able to play regular football and he wouldn't have got that with us.

    I think our policy with the academy is pretty much spot on at the moment. We're doing the best for club and the best for the players. Very few are going to make it with us. The super talented will stay and be given first team chances (such as Foden and Diaz) to see how they do. Others will be loaned or sold with buyback or sell-on clauses.

    The decision with Trippier was the best for all parties (he'd still be back up even if we had kept him). The same with Zinchenko.
  10. johnmc


    20 Jun 2007
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    He’s a rag and wouldn’t get into our team either.

    But yeah he’s done well the last 12 months.

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