Klopp named Premier League and LMA Manager of the Year

Blue Mist

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14 Aug 2005
The 3 judges have given their reasons for awarding it to Klopp.

Klopp was, overall, the best manager and to come so close when not utilising a false number 9 and not playing Jesus out wide says it all. - Garth Crooks
I voted for the man whose team got the most points, always indicates who was the best manager, which button do I press Garth ? - Stevie Wonder.
I'll teach that Italian bastard for dissing me and pretending to not know who I am - Stan Collywho


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7 Nov 2005
Surely the fact that Pep managed the champions without the world’s best keeper, full backs, centre half, front three, back up keeper, defensive midfielder, a recognised left back or striker means he should have won. Wow, just wow.


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6 Oct 2018
Someone explain this to me, HOW has klopp won Premier league manager of the year when he DIDNT EVEN win the f****ing league.

Mix of public and panel vote. 20% of panel is Spitty, Dogleish, Dion the bedrooms, Wio, Woman beater Giggsy and Rat Face Gaz.
Public votes probably collected outside Klanfield on Sunday
Sufficient explanation?

blue moony

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3 Feb 2006
Kent :-(
The quads back on ..

Ha ha ha wankers

Let him have it

Best manger can't win the league, 0 goals in 2 Cup finals woth the best keeper ,best center back , best right back , best reserve right back ,best midfielder, best front three , best coach wrecking crew ...

May as well be celtic.. oh shit wrong thread...


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6 Sep 2008
Still won it 3 times (including last season when we got to the Champions League on top of winning both Carabao and League title) which is still some achievement. We won the player awards so we haven't been left empty handed with the individual awards (although we did win the greater prize). Even though Klopp has pipped Pep I'm not too arsed. However both Roberto Mancini and Manuel Pellegrini deserved so awards for their achivements at City.
So 50%, go look at Whiskey nose’ record by way of comparison. Its not 50 % i can assure you.

Wotsit teeth has won the award more than title itself, from the League its awarded from…. YCMIU, but they do….

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