Kolarov retires

Bonzo Nododo

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19 Sep 2021
Team supported
The Only Football to come from Manchester or anywhere
me too..a proper hardcase apparently
There was a clip doing the rounds where Kolarov was asking what someone else had said or done.
I don't know who had upset him but l wouldn't have liked to be in his boots when AK finally found him.


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19 Oct 2010
Will always be remembered for them crosses and free kicks. Have a great retirement Mr Kolarov
Well I bloody well liked him, man-loved even, him and Edin were immense for us at times and both did their part in putting us at the top table!
Thanks for everything Aleksandar!! And best wishes for your retirement!!


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20 Nov 2016
He was decent - not quite world class but always worth his wages - never understood some of the criticism directed at him by some blues - enjoy your retirement lad - always be part of that transition we had from where we were to where we are

Tim of the Oak

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29 Dec 2012
No, me neither, and I’m sure there’s a “fair few” others too.
Plenty rated Kolarov and plenty couldn’t stand him. There was a low point for the Kolarov haters when Aleks got man of the match in a game and thousands of Bkues responded chanting, “There’s only one Jimmy Milner” Both players had fine games on the days but many “Blues” were obsessed with the guy who was going to leave on a free transfer and over celebrate a goal against us.

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