Kylian Mbappé


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14 Aug 2007
We will never sign this player. He is un-buyable

His wages alone would be prohibitive to any purchase never mind the potential transfer fee

Totally agree. Feel's like that Monaco match was the catalyst for his arrival on the footballing scene. He's dynamite, and after Messi and Ronaldo move on he'll be top for years to come. Say Leroy went this seasom, and Silva at the end, and Aguero a year after that, a future attack of Foden, Mahrez, De Bruyne, Jesus, Mbappe, Sterling would be electric.

Never going to happen but would be the very best signing we could make in world football for me.

Mike D

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15 May 2006
A player of this calibre would certainly improve our squad without question and who could say no if we pulled it off. But do we really need to be in market for these big marque signings like the rags real barca not whilst we have the best in the business as manager. We will probably go and sign a player on the cusp for say £60m and turn him into a world beater


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18 Jan 2019
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Paris Saint Germain
I'm actually kind of confused why PSG wouldn't sell to Neymar to Barca for cash + Ousmane.

Mbappe and Ousmane on the wings is a decade long wing combination, and both are French.
First of all because as Leonardo has said, no team has made any decent offer.

And Neymar is way better than Dembélé on pitch, brings more money off pitch and the frenchman is no stranger to injuries and bad behaviour towards his team (Dortmund and Rennes) which are Neymar's drawbacks.

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