Kylian Mbappé

Besides he also thinks our club is beneath him because it's not one of heritage clubs so another reason of why it's impossible for him to join us.

Do you think that matters much to players in their 20s today?

Most young players now have only known City being a successful club since they were kids.

Players want to play for the best teams with the best managers that winning things. Football is a short career and big players want to be winning things now.

I think most people would join us over the rags at this moment in time, regardless of how many trophies they won 3 decades ago. That's why they've spent so much money on finished or crap players, because any elite player now wouldn't be looking at them as a great proposition.

I think Real Madrid is a different story because they're a "heritage club" always competing around the top, so I understand it the allure.

But I don't think a young player today gives a shite about the heritage of united, piss can etc just because they won some trophies when they were still in nappies. They just look at a club nowhere as good as other teams.

Heritage alone won't do it.

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