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18 Jun 2009
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The Only Team in Manchester!
Which started in the 60s when I were a lad, not the 70s. Their fans were just as big a set of bastards even in those days.
Their team were a bunch of cloggers from numbers 1 to 11, were probably the first team to develop the concept of gamesmanship, and none of them would bat an eyelid in hacking an opposition player down to stop them.
To give them their due, they did have some very good players (spit), but knew all the dark arts.
That was just the point. They were good enough not to resort to the dirty way Revie had them playing.

Just like the Italian national team from around the same time.


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6 Jul 2009
"If you can't be a good example, then be a horribl
You can see how it will play out.
They'll win a couple of games early on and the media and their deluded fans will start on with what a big club they are and how they are a much more historically significant outfit than City. Ignoring the fact we have always been a much more successful side throughout our history, have always been watched by far more people and that we achieved that despite having the biggest of all rivals on our doorstep, rather than being the only attraction in a one-horse town.
The last point is something the Leeds and Newcastle fans just don’t get. Even Stoke, Bristol and Nottingham have two clubs


7 Sep 2020
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If you read Players Memoirs from the 1970s (eg Steve Perrymans) Leeds were utterly cynical in a way unheard of on the pitch up until then and it was generally known and every Fan around the country sung about hating whoever (Utd/L’pool/Derby/Forest etc) “and Leeds, and Leeds and Leeds”


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24 Oct 2012
Very true, after over 30 yrs missionary work here i can confirm the following:

Their current team ( including 2 City youngsters) and manager now are almost angels compared with those dour thugs of yesteryear.

Off the pitch the terrace thugs remain but the majority are bald and overweight or dead. Their youngsters like ours wouldnt know what to do if its not on an app but will gesture a lot and go on about Yorkshire.

Any non Leeds fan in Yorkshire tends to detest them whilst Leeds fans here describe non Leeds fans in Yorkshire as dog botherers, especially Huddersfield !

Their pr lady Emma Jones has more followers on twitter than the team itself . Her attention seeking approach to photo shoots suggest Foden and Greenwood might need chaperones on match day and luckily Yaya may still be grounded by Mrs Toure. If Sergio cops off with her by assuming she is a South American pop star their children cannot fail to be models .

Bielsa is a humble legend worthy of the praise Pep gives him , he made the squad clean the training ground on day one so they understand their fans way of life and sacrifices made to pay their wages.

Kalvin Phillips is a likeable, grounded local hero , lives with his wag in Pudsey and featured most weeks during lock down in local papers in selfies with fans in Asda/ the local park all at social distance. Brought up by his mum his twin sister died at birth and i hope he does well .

Leeds was less cosmopolitan in the 80s, 90s than Manchester and when the wonderful Micah was growing up in Chapeltown ( a small version of Moss side in those days ) he was subjected to racism in a city that at that time had a distinctly racist edge including a cricket team not willing at to take on anyone from outside Yorkshire whilst Lancs fans were warmly welcoming a variety of wonderful cricketers from around the globe.

I met Gary Speed in Leeds once , he couldnt have been nicer and im still upset by his death .

I met David Batty on the piss in Majestyx niteclub around the same time as Jonathan Woodgates pal beat up an Asian lad which was a turning point for the decline of the team thereafter.

Finally, a Yorkshireman is apparently never wrong and they all do and always will hate , Harry Kewell ( moved to Galatasary after their fans murdered 2 Leeds fans) and of most definately Man U !

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