Leicester (A) - Post-Match Thread


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23 Nov 2010
Fucking Ronaldo.....come on man.

Come on nothing, we would have been even more dominant with him and in tight games against better opposition he'd make the difference. It was never going to happen, we'll be okay but we still need a world class finisher.

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20 Feb 2008
Waiting for Axelrod to return...
We aren't going to get away with it at some point, plenty of chances and no real edge.

Bernie won us that game today, he has been our best performer so far this season.

Thought Jack had another positive game and his tracking back showed he is starting to get the Pep requirements.

Laporte looked very dodgy and doesn't look half the player when he gets too tight.

Hopefully Stones is coming back in soon and Dias can make the left flank more secure.

Didn't enjoy the performances today of Gundo and Rodri.

Gundo surprisingly took the wrong option quite a few times and Rodri just can't get close enough to close the space and make a tackle.

Great result though, just need to come through these next three games with positive results and we can start flying.


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22 May 2004
From little I saw (crap streams) it was a hard fought win, which I'm pleased with.

Was it hard fought because we failed to take chances or that Leicester played well?
both. Leicester defenders in the first half were throwing themselves in front of everything and obviously there great at counter attacking so were a constant threat but overall we just about deserved the win and had 2 great chances right at the end to make it 2 or 3

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