Leicester City (H) Post Match Thread


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30 Oct 2008
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Bayern Munich just got spanked by the might Hoffenheim 4-1. If you were a BM fan, would you be saying the same thing on their forum?

I wouldn’t imagine so but then they weren’t crap last year were they. This place is hilarious it’s like no one watches the games.


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15 Apr 2013
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Manchester City
I don't think we have the players at the moment to play Pep's high line system effectively. I remember the first time we played Barcelona in the chumps league and they genuinely looked like they were playing a completely different sport.
Our centurions team got close to that standard but currently we are nowhere near it.
I do not think Pep will change his ways and play more pragmatically with a less exposed defense.


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9 Jan 2006
Up until his brain fart, Walker was OK and we were in control. Whether we would have kept it that way, we will never know but gifting them a way into the match is what killed it for me
Walker was one of our better players I thought. Just a terrible game where everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I don't think we should make too many sweeping conclusions other than what we figured out last season....we can't defend.


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4 Aug 2014
I feel like our links with Messi has fucked us up.

It was obvious we would have paid whatever it took to get him here.

Now every fucker knows we have cash.

City price on every fucking transfer.

Even squad players.
Please boys let's not go over the top, take Vandyke, Gomez, Mane, Salah out of Liverpool and let's see how they perform ! They shipped 3 against Leeds when at full strength having had 3 weeks to prepare. Including this week we've had 9 days plus the injuries l. Let's add a bit of prospective to all


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21 Aug 2014
I've sort of already accepted this season is going to be a total write off. We seem to be sleepwalking into the final year of Pep's contract again and is it any wonder that half the players look lost? They have no idea what's going on.

Pep looks either depressed or disinterested (admittedly tough few months personally, like most, has to be a consideration) and he needs to get his mojo back in time for the next training session.

Hopefully he will have another CB in place by then and if we don't go for a striker in the next week, with Aguero and Jesus' injury records then we may as well kiss goodbye to even challenging for the title. One life down already, probably only got 3 or 4 to play with.

Just on today - Fern puts that header away for 2-0 and it's possibly game over. The warning signs were there from 10 mins before the first pen. We are so easy to play against with that midfield and defense it's untrue. And 3 of the back 4 giving away almost identical penalties is pathetic.
Pep has had a hard time, BUT, if the issues have become to great he has to step aside with our thanks and utter and total respect, I don't want his legacy to be destroyed.


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23 Jan 2012
Valley of the Shadows
I actually think Pep would be the first to offer his resignation if he thought the downturn was irreversible.

Whether Khaldoon would accept it is another matter.

If we are serious about moving forward and progressing again under Pep, we need to buy from the top shelf again in this remaining window.

Proper XXX Bluey stuff.

I was thinking that myself, but maybe their is something in the reason why we have not gone and been ruthless in the window ?

I dont know.

That is why this season is not just about mounting a title challenge but we need to progress in europe as well.

If the players dont look like respinding to Pep and we struggle - in my eyes I think he goes by his choice.

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