Leroy Sane - ACL injury - Recovery in Manchester P1202

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  1. peace frog

    peace frog

    9 Jan 2009
    best friend of rabin :)
    Don't take this as leroy v raheem because imo they are both world class,
    But raheem can play left, right st, just behind the st,and attack midfield, leroy is a great left winger, struggles in a different position on the evidence of his game time, so for me at city in our system raheem is better
  2. LucahArchie10


    21 May 2013
    I don't think City have put a price on Leroy, all I've seen is City telling Bayern to go fuck themselves..
  3. cleavers


    30 May 2007
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    Where have you seen this ?

    All I've seen is lots of guff from bayern, and absolutely zilch from City (or Leroy to be fair).

    Have they even made a bid ? They won't, they know they can't afford him, or his wages, so all they're doing is chatting shit in the hope it unsettles him, and he requests a move, it hasn't worked.

    Some City fans need a thicker skin.
  4. goater1985


    12 May 2009
    Football is a game of opinions is the best i can do in your defence


    7 Feb 2014

    Spot on.

    He has TWO years left on his contract in case the flappers haven't noticed. Keep dreaming you fading German rags

    Hot air and hope is all I hear.

    If they were in with a serious shout then they wouldn't be begging him to go to their filthy club through media comments.
  6. caseball


    31 Jul 2016
    How big's their shareholding in Real? And do they sit in the boardroom in Madrid?
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  7. cityboy1


    1 Jun 2010
    They own shares in bayern?
  8. Maldeika


    27 Aug 2011
    Adidas only sits in the supervisory board, not on the executive board - if they do have one of 9 seats there as it is occupied right now by Herbert Hainer their former CEO (until 2016). And they own 7% of the shares, not 51%. Some here would need business lessons before they want to talk about things like this.


    I do not think that all of this is about wage or transfer sum. Even if at the end too high demands on both ends could end the story. Players just do not have price tags when they are for sure starters in a team or special icons.

    The question first is one that Pep, Leroy and Manchester City have to answer between them.

    In the last 19 EPL matches Leroy has played 798 of 1710 minutes that he was available.
    The only match against a top club he started in this period was against Liverpool January 3rd. Since February he only had 5 starts. Did not play in 5 matches. And he only played 90 minutes against Cardiff.

    During this time Sterling played in 18 of 19 (did not play Cardiff City) - started in all but 2 in which he got subbed with more than 30 minutes left - usually played 90 minutes and had 1458 of max. 1710 match time.

    During this time Bernardo Silva played 18 of 19 (did not play Cardiff City) - started in all but 4 matches in which he got subbed in and had 18 to 33 minutes left o play - 1354 minutes of max. 1710 match time.

    In the CL final round he only started in the second match against Schalke when the first match already was one. He got 12 minutes in the first match against his old team and 7 minutes against Tottenham.

    In the FA Cup he started in the matches against the lower leagues, had only 17 minutes against teams of the EPL coming in in the final when City already led by 4:0


    Why does he treat him like that? Even if you rank him just number 3 of the wingers - you still could have rotated them much more and it would have kept them all satisfied.
    What are the problems? And can they be repaired - is there any hope that Sane will be prefered ahead of the other 2 or atleast can get a fair share in a rotation or would it stay like this in the coming season, too - if no big injuries occure.

    It is nothing that Pep will give a good answer to if the press would ask him. He would love to have a thousand Dantes and Götze is the best talent and works real hard. Similar story about Shaqiri.

    From all I know City is destination no. 1 for Sane when he gets a fair share of playing time (more than he got in the recent months) especially as his girlfriend prefers to live in England.

    If not - Sane for sure is not the type that would keep himself highly motivated - what would not make the situation any better. Pep probably knows that, too.


    Just - not that you get a wrong clue. Even if I am a Bayern fan I am not so keen on seeing Sane in Munich. For me Coman - if injuryfree - is the perfect fit to Alaba with his way to play and bringing in Sane for a big fee and wage would bring a kind of turmoil that will not be good as he will have to play. Else the first question in every press conference will be about him.
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  9. BlueindianNewcity


    16 Jul 2011
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    Many on here has asked the same question.
    Best guess seems to be many a times he doesn't carry out Pep's instructions the way he wants them.
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  10. rnblade


    19 Aug 2009
    It’s probably been said before, but if he thinks he’s too big for CITY, he’s sadly mistaken.
    If he can’t show the desire to fight for a place and do what the manager asks, then move him on, it’s his loss not ours. He’s turning into the more skilful version of Poomba(Pogba) with the ‘entitled attitude’.
    I really hope I’m wrong about Sane, he has such a great future ahead of him here with us, but needs to realise he is part of a TEAM, and the world doesn’t revolve around him. If he does go, preferably not to those cünts. It needs to be reflective of his standing. £100M minimum.

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