Let's replace the Poznan

We could fake something like that. A designated block in say, East stand opposite the cameras, each get a blank card under their seat. They all hold their card up at at the specified time and whatever images we want could be projected onto the "blank canvas". Special effects could be used to create the effect of the cards being flipped over etc. Thinking evening KO, lights down.
But it's not fake. The human LCD has been done before. Maybe this particular one is. I don't know.
HellasLEAF said:
JoeMercer'sWay said:

that's not real surely?

I'm going to go ahead and believe it's fake.

Because if it's real, well, I just can't handle that.
It's not fake. There are loads of videos of it happening in South Korea. Presumably it distracts from actually watching the match though!!
Maybe we need to do something facing forward this season ? Plenty of idea's from Europe on you tube, also we need to be more vocal.
I have seen some footage, cant remember now where, but a guy raises his arms up slowly from the ground and then the crowd raise the chant in unison with his arms. It's a bit like a conductor i guess.

The good thing as we have proved with the Poznan is providing we come up with the right visual/chant the whole stadium will catch on pretty quickly!

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