Liam Gallagher tours "Definitely Maybe"

he could sing all the greatest oasis songs with noel on lead, but once a band loose that edge they never get it back, back in the day they were fucking mint , i went to see the stones many years ago, great songs performed by essentially an old tribute band, going through the motions to earn the coin, sad but it was my own fault for expecting more.
No doubt it will sell out quite easily, but I think I'll pass, unless Noel gets onboard.

I did see them at Old Trafford (Cricket ground), that was pretty good I seem to remember.
If Iwa sgonna go see either it would be liam over noel, however still not gonna bother with this wrong time of year, will be paying off wembley twice ;-)
It's just a normal Liam set pretty much with a few added definitely maybe tracks

will try the London ones though.

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