Liverpool (A) Post Match Thread


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23 Feb 2014
What about the yellows for nothing fouls the **** was dishing out the whole game against us but fuck all for them that Mane's a dirt **** kicked Ferni and got fuck all Ferni recieved a yellow fucking joke that Atkinson..


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23 Sep 2010
Would have been happy with the result but that was our golden chance to break the Anfield curse and slap their title talk into the ground giving us a 2pt lead at the top of the table. No excuses for Mahrez. I would usually sympathise but he knows his record and it confirms to me what his issue has been since he signed - he thinks he needs to prove himself and is trying too hard. He needs to play for the team and settle down. Jesus was the striker and was ready to take it. He might not have scored but Mahrez with his record should never volunteer again.

He won’t be given the option after that.

It was on a par with Bony’s pen the other year that is still in space


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29 Dec 2007
Mahrez was the right call today. Playing him gave us much needed control at the expense of our attack. Liverpool looked toothless. we controlled the game after the first 15 mins. However, why the fuck did he take the penalty. He's shit at them. Jesus cant complain either cos hes worse. If Berny was up for it, Id have him take it.

Mendy was a disaster. Second half they targeted him and rightly so. He gave the ball away so often and not under pressure.

Toss up between Bernardo and Laporte for MotM for me. Both were outstanding.


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30 Oct 2008
Like everybody else, I’m gutted about the penalty. I’m going to put my tin hat on and say the ref had a decent game overall. Delighted to see the pragmatic tactics from Pep. 1 point more than I expected. Onwards and upwards.

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