Liverpool (a) post-match thread

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Ric, 10 Nov 2019.

  1. Trevor Morley's Tache

    Trevor Morley's Tache

    23 Nov 2016

    I'd settle for 40/60 at the moment.
  2. bellbuzzer


    6 Jan 2009
    wondering where it all went wrong
    when a snapshot of a situation is scrutinised, it is a "still" from a video, of something that "existed" for a fraction of a second. Players moving in opposite directions, the infinitely tiny moment the ball is in contact with the passing foot/head, the fact that the lino has only one pair of eyes and that light travels more in one second than sound does in a year......In short, the rules can never be implemented to perfection every time. Why even try, why not concentrate on what is achievable by humans, rather than ever more complicated and expensive 'tech, that is causing far more confusion than it resolves. The world's biggest sport is in the hands of people who are motivated by keeping the status quo, that has put them in power, sound-bites and p.r. tower over actions. To expect them to solve problems that they refuse to admit exists is to believe in unicorns and the earth is flat.......At the very minimum a season-long trial "WITH NO OFF-SIDE" would be a start..... Off-side was meant for a totally different game and fixed a problem that didn't exist, scrapping it would make the pitch effectively bigger, and reward skill more than brawn, it might not result in more goals but at least we would be sure it was either a good or bad rule.......
  3. alexmcity


    1 Aug 2019
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    He could, of course, especially playing against world class attackers like Salah and Mane. That moment when Dinho dispossessed Salah was brilliant. To think Garcia would do that is to massively overstimate one's judment and understimate the judgment of the manager.
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  4. JGL07


    18 Jan 2011
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    Manchester City/Hibernian
    Absolute bullshit.

    making substitutes will only work if there are players on the bench capable of changing the game. City were pretty well down to the bare bones.

    Maybe Mahrez could have come on but Bernardo and Stirling were causing more problems for Liverpool.
  5. Tricky_Trev


    18 Jan 2009
    It was the same against Villa. Grealish waltzed past Gundogan and Mendy and people fawned over Grealish. The common denominator is that Gundogan is a fucking shit house.
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  6. Bobby Heaton Moor

    Bobby Heaton Moor

    14 Apr 2015
    Can someone explain, taking into account there was no break in play between the two events, why their first goal wasn't disallowed for TAA's handball? It directly led to their goal.

    Considering Laporte's goal against Spurs was disallowed for that reason, why wasn't this one? A handball in the build up is a handball in the build up.
  7. Onholiday(somemightsay)


    4 Aug 2018
    Whose line is that though?
  8. gregblag


    19 May 2010
    I want to write maybe an unpopular opinion but it needs writing.

    What I dislike most about following football is the attitude of City supporters towards their own players. At times it's like witnessing a rabid pack of animals turning on one of their own because of an injury or weakness.

    I don't go to games very often these days mostly because I can't afford it and follow games on tv. I was at a game a few years back, City were 4 - 0 up and Jo came on. You should have heard it. Nothing but venom towards him before he had even touched the ball. I've heard similar towards Samaras and Mike Sheron but undoubtedly this has happened many times towards many of players. Malcolm Allison! used to complain about it.

    Currently that attitude exists towards Bravo. All this labelling of Bravo as "a clown" is nothing but vicious, unwarranted criticism.

    Bravo is a human being. He is doing his best. He is the best option we have right now. He has the backing of his manager.

    Against Liverpool he played well. His distribution - which before the game I was worried about - was brilliant and I only counted one misplaced pass in an otherwise immaculate display of distribution.

    I have read the opinion he was at fault for the 3rd goal. Really? The cross should have been defended by Angelino and the header should have been defended by Walker. You could say at least there was an accumulation of defensive errors before it came to Bravo's attempt at a save. From the back view Bravo got his hand on it but could not keep it out. It would have been extraordinary to have kept it out. It certainly was not a howler. Maybe Gordon Banks could have kept it out but the save he made that was similar against Brazil has been hailed as one of the greatest saves of all time.

    When supporters get on the back of their own team, collectively or individually, all they achieve is to make things more stressful and more difficult for their own team. I am a football supporter and I know things get frustrating and expressing that frustration is part of the game. But in my view the criticism that players get is often predetermined and mindless. If you want to keep having go at certain City players because you know - better then the manager - that they aren't good enough and you can't express that criticism as a reasoned opinion but have to use derogatory terms maybe you should "support" someone else. You will not be missed.
  9. willipp


    13 May 2011
    Of course he is capable of that, its rediculous to suggest he isn't. If he couldn't do those kinds of things then Pep wouldn't have him anywhere near the first team.
  10. Bazzmand Show

    Bazzmand Show

    17 Jun 2009
    Not bullshit at all mate, Mahrez, Foden and Jesus were all capable of changing the dynamic of the game.

    It wasn't fucking working at 3-0, so to just stick your head in the sand and not change it is fucking idiotic and I am glad you ain't managing the team.

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