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  1. Stoned Rose

    Stoned Rose

    29 Oct 2010
    Looking for the orange one
    Given we were contending with


    All out, Fern playing out of position, Rodri not match fit and young Angelino out of his depth against a very good front 3, I thought we played well and gave it a right good go.

    Their first 2 goals are bent as fuck and the ref was a proper **** the whole game.

    VAR is just another way to cheat and rig games.

    Cant blame anyone today they all gave it their best
  2. ali benarbia's studs

    ali benarbia's studs

    1 Jul 2009
    nice one Centurion!
    great OP,with you all the way blue! here here.
  3. Metalartin


    15 Jul 2015
    Found this recently and it cheered me up a little, wish I'd have found this after the Liverpool game. I'd forgotten all about it but there were some bitters after the Chelsea game, reminding Sterling of a bad call while he played for Liverpool(cost them the title according to some...). Ah the good old days, before refs were in Liverpool's pockets and it was still possible for them to get shit decisions against City, or anyone capable of beating them.

    They've had so many calls against City in the past 3 years(infact a lot of the top 6 have bar Arsenal), it's painful to think about them all.

    The above is mistake against Liverpool, objectively so, no clutching at straws necessary. These days they have to resort to making a meal of decisions that "could have been given" or even arguing that goal line technology isn't far. Haha!

    The worst they've had to deal with recently is Kompany's red card shout, which was a poor one anyway(never a red). I would never say a challenge like that is a red, he won the ball first, so that proves he was genuinely going for the ball, and that Salah was never getting through on goal from a City loose ball, nor was he hurt or in danger of being hurt.

    I remember how they acted like it was a well worked Liverpool attack, broken down with a City foul, denying them of a "rightful goal". When it was just miss-hit from Stones, that Kompany recovered. It wasn't two footed and one leg was on the turf before the contact came, which was minimal. He was skimmed with his leading leg and taken out by the trailing leg which was on the turf. Their whole case rested on two feet coming off the ground for a brief moment but that's taking the wording too literal and not thinking about reasoning behind the rules(avoiding situations with the weight of a player coming down on a players limb uncontrollably), they basically made the argument that players aren't allowed to jump.

    Rant over, hope the video cheers someone up.
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