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14 Jan 2018
Alarming amount of posters on here throwing Pep, the team, the club and the fans under the bus.

Simple fact is that if the Dippers had played that intense 100mins against Atletico, City would be in the final.

If the FA had organised the minutes respect better, then it would have gone off impeccably.

If we hadn't taken so many knocks on Weds, then Pep would've fielded a very different team.

Pep and the players walked through walls for us in Madrid, only THREE fucking days ago.

I fucking love my club, the coach, the players and our supporters (well, those that actually make an effort to go). It appears that there are some on here who just want to take cheap shots and slag off our own.

Get a fucking grip and get behind our club.
Sorry mate but they would . We would have still played a goalkeeper not good enough who would have cost us two in not 3 goals .


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24 Mar 2009
Obviously it's disappointing to lose a semi final, especially against the entitled ones. On reflection though, we had a very tough midweek game, whereas they were able to rest half of their team. Because of that we could never match their intensity, and an horrible moment for Steffan put them in a very commanding position. If you look at good chances created through the game it was pretty close. On the day they were the better team and won, 6 days ago we were the better team but only drew.... Shit happens.... The next month will hopefully have us crowned as champions again then if we both navigate our UCL semi let's see what happens in the final.


22 May 2004
winding down in life.
You honestly think pep threw the game haha.
so are you saying he went for it? cos if so we're fucked.
you don't have a weakened squad and then make 5 further changes . as it happens he had no choice and his was right to.
make no mistake , against them, he knew we would get beat.


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7 Jan 2009
Fuckin state of this place, we’re still top of the league and in european cup semi
and a week ago we bossed the scouse cunts, all they ‘ve won so far is the league cup but to listen to the fuckin big girls blouses on here we might aswell throw the towel in, well we’re not and we’re winning the league and beating them scouse cunts in the european cup final.

I like your optimism but last week we drew with Liverpool. Bossing them would mean we'd taken our chances - the fact we don't is the major problem, that and not having a Fernandinho replacement.

Elliot houghton

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8 May 2019
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Man city
Think a lot was expecting the loss especially when the line ups was announced probably not the disaster which was the first half mind but second half definitely saved some embarrassment still out of the Cup but if we win the CL or PL or even both I think we'll soon forget about that so still a lot to play for and exciting time ahead


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21 May 2013
We must just be very fortunate to be getting away with being top of the league and in a second Champions League semi-final in 12 months without a striker...

Imagine if we were any good and only losing by one goal with half a team missing against the greatest team ever to play the game, having given them a three goal head start?

This team and Pep will not let us down this season.

Let Liverpool take all the plaudits, we will take the two trophies that matter.
Untill we can match them up top I believe we are behind

We have a wonderfull team with the best man in charge but right now No 9 in games like Sunday & today, Palace H & A, Southampton Spurs then its going to kill us

Evedant again today not even difficult chances like Sunday we shit it

Next 3 games will decide our season


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31 Oct 2010
Feeling pretty good about that after Stefan's first half shambles. Both Mane goals shoukd never have happened. The second should have been saved an as much a cock up as the first.
Liverpool played a rediculous high line against us today. All you have to do is knock it over the top for a foot race. But you can't do that when Sterling is 2 yards offside all the time.
Another waste of space performance against his former club. Both he and Jesus should have scored in the second half but surprise surprise didn't.
And Pep - please start Mahrez against the cunts the next time we play them. He tore Robertson a second the few minutes he was on.

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