Liverpool (H) - 25 Nov 2023

Been let down for this one so now in need of someone's cast off.

Not fussy, will sit on your lap and pretend I'm under five.

** now sorted (and I'll have to start losing some weight) **
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I know it’s probably not possible but I need 3 Lower Level tickets! Coming over from the US and will pay $$$. The StubHub resell is insane for this game but my 10 year old is dying to see this one.
Hey, looking for 2 if anything is possible.
Hey! Looking for 3 tickets if anything is possible. Coming over from the US and will pay $$$.

Suggestions are appreciated!
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I have a ticket that I would like to get rid of as I can no longer make the game. How do I do that?

Seat is in 216 G

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