Liverpool (H) Post-Match Thread


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15 Jul 2015
Liverpool only had 2 decent chances(Mane 50p head chance and Salah hit the post) before we scored and Kev had a very decent chance blocked by Robertson in between those. Most of their chances were from mistakes rather than their own buildup play too, we were the better team by far.

I don't know why people create narratives to take credit away from their own team. When we create more chances than Liverpool but lose, they change their narrative to praise Liverpool's chance taking ability. City can't win with some people.

We could and should have scored more. Jesus could have been in a number of times but for the offside flag and he fluffed two decent chances when he was onside(one tame effort at the keeper close to goal, one when he slipped and hit it wide). We ended up creating more goal scoring opportunities and taking more of our chances than them over the 90, fully deserved win, scoreline didn't flatter.
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17 Aug 2014
parallel universe
I love the way people have to band together to have a go at people

I do honestly wonder what that says about some individuals

You sound tired mate - probably way past your bed time
Apologies was going to type wanker , but i fell asleep reading your open and meaningful debate , and if i really wanted to have a go you would be screaming for your mummy little boy.


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1 Sep 2009
Worst champions we’ve ever seen.

Just what we needed. Result means nothing but we’ve made a statement, they know we’re the best side in this league and that’s a timely reminder.

Back 4 individually all played well, questionable high line at times but they played as instructed gave the ball away too much but won all their individual duals and you can’t ask for much more than that, Garcia played well beyond his years and I think have the ball away the least from the entire back 4. Mendy was phenomenal both ways hopefully a massive fuck you to all the dicks that jump on him for every single mistake and ignore other players making similar errors.

Rodri played quite well to be fair to him, still too slow but better positioning than usual and handled the press much better, still needs to improve considerably. Gundogan played alright when he had time but he’s so easy to pressure made about half a dozen errors that could and should have proved costly, before the game was over as a contest they targeted the press on him because they know he’s the weak point . Kdb sublime as ever in a league of his own.

Sterling much better performance than we are used to seeing from him against this lot. Hopefully that lays to rest his issues and he can handle games against these in the future. Jesus does all the right things but just hasn’t got that killer instinct needs to perhaps stop trying to be so involved and be the perfect team player and work on his finishing and movement. And the best for last, Foden. No more easing him in, he’s arrived!
United '99 were pretty wank.


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3 Jul 2009
I see the muen is running a story about us disrespecting dipperpool with our guard of honour. Thought I was looking at the liverpool echo, but no it was definitely the manchester united evening news

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