Liverpool (H) - Post-Match Thread


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27 Dec 2010
We are definitely not at our best as yet this season and some decisions by Pep seem to have little reasoning at times, but apart from the first 20 or so minutes we controlled the game and on another day would of won quite easily (missed penalty aside), we will hit form at some point this season, have a feeling it will coincide with KDB hitting form.

Anyhow, something has to be done about the match day forum, absolutely infested with fùckwits and an embarrassment, and from actual City fans, everyone is entitled to their opinion of course but many post the same abject bollocks week after week, no matter if we are winning or losing, honestly can’t see the point in it.


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6 Sep 2020
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I am hoping we will grow in to the Season.

Pep is concerning me.

Seems to have lost that winning mentality.

He appears more than happy grinding out draws against mediocre teams.

He had been braver we win that.

Hope this isn't a season where he is going through the motions,not really giving a shit.
Overreacting much? What winning mentality? When your most reliable players are having a shite game. keV, sterling etc etc


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14 Jan 2018
After that first 25 minutes, I'll take that.

But that penalty miss. I really hope it doesn't come back to haunt us.
Can’t see it tbh mate . Gonna be a long season . Can’t wait to get a pivot midfielder with some pace . Jesus is so frustrating he scores a world class goal then misses an absolute sitter but my issue is with sterling . He should not be in the team because that today us one of the worst performances by a city player I’ve seen .


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23 Nov 2010
Where the fuck are the leaders in this team? Nobody interested in pushing for the win in the last 20.
There's ar least 2-3 teams better than us at the moment.

It's a bit worrying. We look slow and pedestrian compared to some sides. When we sign another forward we need a bigger, stronger option than all the small lightweight ones we have now. Plus points were Cancelo, the centre backs and Jesus back with a goal. Our midfield is a worry, too slow and pedestrian.

Neville Kneville

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26 May 2008
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Indeed mate.

I see it like this - if we keep clean sheets we'll win pretty much every game because we almost always score.

Previously it's always been a case of "we'll outscore everyone" but that wont wash forever.

I like this new approach.

Being a **** to score against is so important in the modern game.

Best we have defended v Liverpool for years alongside the 0-0 at Anfield. But with no protection from the mids today, so better.

Going forward & centre mid, we are the worst we have been for as long as I can remember in recent times.

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